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By Dave Scherer on 2023-01-23 10:00:00

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Which is more likely for a second season? Dwayne Johnson's XFL or Dana White's Power Slap?

I won't watch either but I hope that the show about slapping people from a guy who just got caught slapping his wife doesn't even make it through their first season.  Plus, I love The Rock.  I will go with hoping for the XFL.

Not so much a question as an observation. I recently discovered a way to enjoy wrestling again-I stopped reading wrestling related posts on social media. It was affecting my own perception of what I enjoyed in wrestling, and the never ending "your a idiot" responses to everything was definitely wearing on me. Now I watch both AEW and WWE as I have in the past and suddenly I can go back to the suspension of belief that is core to the enjoyment of wrestling in the first place. I highly recommend this to anyone who is wrapped up in the opinions of others. Thanks for all the work you do. I think I'm about Dave's age and we seem to have similar viewpoints on many of the issues in wrestling today.

I say it all the time, I don't waste my time caring about what morons have to say.  I learn from smart people, not idiots.  We take the same approach to social media.

What do you think truly gave birth to the Women's Evolution? It was one of my absolute favorite things to watch in the 2010s and I often wondered what was the catalyst. Sure, there was a whole bunch of very talented, very deserving women, but one could argue that there was a bunch a decade before that and they never got the same opportunities. Was it the business they moved, was it the new executive Triple H's faith in the women's division, or was it a sign of WWE following popular culture, after female stars became the norm in sports and films, with the likes of Serena Williams and Jennifer Lawrence taking center stage in the early 2010s? What made this new generation of female talent so undeniable? Again, I can only express joy that it happened, but I keep wondering why now, why them? Raw talent certainly, but there had to be a will for it, after all the pudding crap we endured a decade ago.

I give credit to Stephanie McMahon first and foremost.  She was the driving force, with her husband of course, of making women equals in WWE.  I give her the most credit.  I also wonder if that is what led to her choosing to leave when her father came back.  It had to be hard for her to stomach him after the revelations that came out about his NDAs.

I am seeing Nick Khan’s name mentioned as a possible replacement for departed Big Ten Commissioner Kevin Warren. If that ends up happening, how big of a loss would that be for WWE? Does Vince’s return and Steph’s departure factor into a decision he would make either way, in your opinion?

If he leaves, and that's a big if, it would be a big loss to WWE.  Khan is great at what he does, no doubt about it.

I was watching The Usos wrestle the other night, and I suddenly realized that they may be the greatest tag team of all time. I grew up watching the Road Warriors, the Rock and Roll Express, The British Bulldogs. As a young adult I saw The Dudleys, Edge and Christian, The Hardys. In the last few years I've seen The Lucha Bros, New Day, and Hookhausen. (Okay, that last one maybe not so much....) And honestly, I really can't think of any other team that has been so good for so long. Thoughts?

I don’t get into who the GOATs are but oh yeah, The Usos are awesome and have been for a long, long time.  No doubt.

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