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By Kendall Jenkins on 2023-01-20 22:12:00

Dwayne Johnson, or simply The Rock, is popular and successful, with many years of wrestling and film work behind his broad shoulders. The streak of success for the muscular actor continued after filming the famous racing film Fast and Furious, where he, in tandem with Vin Diesel and Jason Statham, demonstrated aerobatics. Brutality on the screen and not only. We offer you to see what cars Dwayne drives in life. His car collection is truly impressive. What is hidden in his garage?

Below we will talk about some of the most unusual and expensive cars of this famous wrestler. If you want to sit behind the wheel and ride one of them, then use the car rental. Few people can boast as much money as Dwayne the Rock, but renting a car is an inexpensive way to experience luxury life and luxury cars. The best website for renting a car in Dubai is There are hundreds of different models provided by the author: some of them you may have seen in the movies, some on the racetracks, and some on the covers of fashion magazines. You can also rent cars for the whole family, just a comfortable ride, or supercars such as Lamborghini.


Ferrari LaFerrari

Does someone look like a sports car is not in size? That's right, the actor mentioned this once in an interview. Due to its considerable dimensions, it is not very convenient for him to get into this car. But he is not going to resort to altering the interior, as well as selling it. The luxurious matte white LaFerrari has excellent technical data and emphasizes the status of its owner. By the way, the actor did not have to shell out a tidy sum, he was presented with a car. So why not drive the exclusive version and experience the unforgettable feeling of the wind?

Ford F-150 Custom

Well, that's another matter! Most likely he chose it himself. The big guy just has to have a big car. And here everything fits. The car is equipped with increased ground clearance, giant wheels, and a chrome exterior. By the way, he also decently invested in tuning. Dwayne drives this SUV every day.

McLaren 650S

Again, miniature and compact. Of course, it is difficult to imagine a pile of muscles behind the wheel of this car. Nevertheless, the model takes its place in the actor's garage. Fans of the Hollywood star probably remembered that he drove around in such a car in the TV series "Football Players". The car easily produces 651 horsepower. Acceleration from zero in 3 seconds. Powerful option!

Ford GT 2017

The collection is complemented by another Ford and another gift. In addition to acting in films, the Rock regularly appears in commercials. As a partner of the manufacturing company, he was honored with such a present. Every detail has been thought of in the car. How it looks: Incredible aerodynamically optimized body and extraordinary engine power. The car seems to show the unique harmony of design and powerful functionality that the actor is endowed with.

Porsche Panamera Mansory

And this copy is one of Johnson's favorites. The manufacturer decided to breathe a bit of sporty luxury into an exemplary car in itself. He can't help but impress. An exclusive cabin with carbon fiber elements, and aerodynamic details – all this once again emphasizes the individuality of the owner. Many will agree that when you see Skala in an elegant formal suit behind the wheel of this powerful car, you can forget about his muscles for a minute.

Rolls-Royce Wraith

And this is the next copy of Duane's collection. The actor was impressed by riding this model in one of the films. Without hesitation for a long time, he immediately decided to buy a car. This is not surprising, the Briton is equipped with a 6.5-liter V12 engine. Perhaps this modification occupies a special place in the Rolls-Royce lineup, standing out for its swift power. The combination of nobility, which can be traced in the external performance with unsurpassed dynamics, plus original aesthetics – all this is endowed with a car and the undefeated Skala. Both of them are agile, and strong, with a dynamic temperament. It seems to me that these are real gentlemen who bring to life a thirst for adventure and risky speed!

The weakness experienced by the mighty Rock is, of course, machines. Its fleet is not limited to the above cars. His collection impresses with a variety of models. I wonder which copy will join the ranks in his garage?


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