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By Billy Krotchsen on 2023-01-20 22:52:00

Impact taping results for 2/2/23 and 2/9/23

The following results are in the order that they were taped.

Tom Hannifan and Gia Miller came out for commentary. Dave Penzer asked the crowd to stand for a 10-Bell salute for Jay Briscoe.

The set up for the show had the hardcam facing the bleachers as opposed to the usual set up facing the video screen.

Match 1) Jonathan Gresham defeated Aiden Prince.  Gresham cut a promo after about his favorite promotion closing and he had to look for something better. He issued a challenge for No Surrender to Mike Bailey.

Match 2) Speedball Mike Bailey defeated Raj Singh Mike Bailey accepted Gresham’s challenge for No Surrender.

At this point, Matthew Rehwoldt replaced Gia Miller on commentary.

Match 3) Ace Austin and Chris Bey defeated Kushida and Kevin Knight when they hit a combination of moves on Knight.

Match 4) Giselle Shaw (with Jai Vidal) defeated Savannah Evans. Giselle took a microphone after and called herself the Black Widow of the knockout’s division saying she doesn’t care that Tasha Steelz, The Influence, and Chelsea Green are gone because of her because the spotlight is on her.

Match 5) Crazzy Steve (with Black Taurus) defeated Sheldon Jean. Trey Miguel attacked after. He went to use spray paint on Steve but Steve stopped it. Steve then used the spray paint on himself as Miguel retreated.

Bully Ray came out for a promo talking about how everyone doesn’t like him. He talks about how last week had six former world champions because Santino chose to not invite him. He asks what happened to the last guy that was in charge. He won’t be here for a while. He brings up Tommy Dreamer who says he probably doesn’t like Ray and Ray never really liked him across everywhere they have crossed paths whether ECW, WWE, Impact, or Busted Open. He says he is the most real and honest guy in the room. Dreamer is the one who has been lying all these years. Tommy has the people believing that Ray is the bad guy and Dreamer is the good guy. Ray calls Dreamer the biggest phony this business has ever seen and how Dreamer wants to be loved by everybody.

Mickie James comes out. Last time Ray ruined her celebration so she is just returning the favor. Mickie says she has watched for years how they don’t get along on Busted Open and they just bicker. Mickie says he wants to call Dreamer a snake when that is what Ray is. Mickie says Ray wants people to tell him how it is and that’s what she’s doing. She suggests not only for him to get out of the ring but out of Impact Wrestling. Ray asks what is wrong with her. He says to get the smirk off of her face because he will smack her. She is trying to save face in front of all of these people so be careful. He asks if she remembers what happened last week when he slammed her down and what would happen if he did worse. Ray says he has done worse to most women in this business and she isn’t as good as them. He could have taken the high road and he could right now but he says he is going to take the low road or should he say tramp. She takes off the title and slaps Ray. Ray picks her up for a scoop slam and slams Mickie down once.

John Skyler and Jason Hotch come out with a table. Dreamer makes the save with a Singapore cane. Dreamer says he is hardcore, Mickie is country, and suggests they face Skyler and Hotch right now. Santino comes out and says Dreamer doesn’t have the authority to make matches but he does. Santino can’t think of one good reason why this shouldn’t take place. He says this match will happen next week and Bully Ray will be forbidden from ringside.

Match 6) Kenny King defeated Johnny Swinger (with Zicky Dice). Kenny says all the champions are on notice.

Match 7) Sami Callihan and The Design defeated Josh Alexander, Frankie Kazarian, Rich Swann, and Yuya Uemara when Callihan hit Yuya with a Piledriver. Deaner at one point stopped Callihan from hitting one earlier in the match until Alexander cut him off.

Match 8) Brian Myers defeated Dirty Dango in a qualifying match for the four way #1 contendership match at No Surrender.

Steph De Lander (NXT’s former Persia Pirotta) came out and cut a promo talking about Jordynne Grace’s fall from grace and says the knockout’s division is shaking in their boots.

Match 9) Jordynne Grace defeated Steph De Lander.

Match 10) In a non-title match, Rosemary and Taya Valkyrie (with Jessicka) defeated Taylor Wilde and Killer Kelly when Taya pinned Kelly. Taylor threw a tarot card at Kelly and didn’t go to save her. Father James Mitchell came out to the ramp and said hello to Rosemary and that Jessicka reminds him of someone. Mitchell said as long as it has been, it has been a while since Rosemary had paid prospect to Mitchell’s boss and that makes his boss unhappy and when his boss is unhappy everyone is. He said he is putting a Hex on Rosemary. Allysin Kay and Marti Belle hit the ring and lay out the Death Dollz hitting a double team move on Rosemary. They pose after as James Mitchell looks on from the ramp laughing.

Match 11) PCO defeated Shera (with Raj Singh) in a qualifying match for the four way #1 contendership match at No Surrender.

Match 12) Knockout’s Champion Mickie James and Tommy Dreamer defeated The Good Hands (John Skyler and Jason Hotch) when Mickie pinned Hotch. Ray came out after and hit Dreamer. He looked at Mickie. Masha Slamovich came in through the crowd and laid out Mickie with the Snowplow. Ray looked on approvingly but Masha left on her own.

Match 13) Joe Hendry defeated Matt Cardona to retain the Digital Media Championship. Brian Myers came out at one point and threw the title in the ring to distract the referee. He tried to hit Joe but accidentally hit Matt. Joe laid out Brian then hit Cardona with his finisher to win. Moose came out and attempted to hit Joe with a spear but hit Matt instead. Joe said he thought he would get to hear his music after winning but played Matt Cardona’s “new music” which was a song over a video of Cardona/Hawkins/Chelsea Green where Matt was called Edge’s bitch.

Match 14) The Motor City Machine Guns (Chris Sabin and Alex Shelley) defeated Eddie Edwards and Trey Miguel to retain the Impact World Tag Team Championship when they hit Miguel with their finisher for the win.

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