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By Dave Scherer on 2023-01-15 09:47:00

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With Vince's return to WWE, it is quite likely he will assert his influence over creative, if not assume total control of once again.  Is this the worst nightmare for talents like William Regal, Karrion Kross, and all the other recent HHH re-hires that Vince saw no value in as little as 6 months ago? 

IF, he does, and I will say IF because I don't want to assume he will take over creative since it would really hurt my enjoyment of the company, yes everyone who he saw nothing in before he probably won't see anything in at that time.

I had such high hopes for AEW when they debuted.  There were fresh faces, just enough veteran presence that a startup wrestling company needs, and for a while, true episodic television that would lead the audience to tune in next week to see what happens.  Sadly, in my opinion it’s just become total seat of the pants booking, week to week.  My latest issue is Darby going over clean on Samoa Joe, which could have been done in a more believable fashion.  Most importantly, what seemed like a push for Joe, getting a win over Wardlow only to lose to Darby makes no sense to me.  My question (sorry for getting wordy!), what has this done for Wardlow going forward?  Not that I would push him to the moon, but here’s one of the fresh faces that has improved from day one, has a good look, is big and athletic, but now he’s just another guy on the roster? 

That whole scenario was so bad.  Joe becomes the King of TV Killer.  Takes out Wardlow.  Cuts his hair.  Then loses to Road Warrior Darby, who no-sells everything.  I hated it and to me it killed Joe’s character big time.  But, Tony Khan and the AEW fan base don't care about believability.  They want moves and spots, plus 50-50 matches.  It's not my kind of wrestling but it doesn't have to be.  As for Wardlow, I hope he goes to WWE.  If HHH is still in charge, he will know exactly how to book him.

Do you see a point in time where WWE features more inter gender matches. Now I’m not talking putting Alexa Bliss in a match with Omos or Austin/Triple H vs Lita, But more so when you look at the likes of Rhea, Bianca, Doudrop, Ronda and Raquel Rodriguez these all look, at least, physically equal to many of there male counterparts. Chyna could have fantastic moments and matches with men in the 90’s so why not now.

Things have changed a lot societally in the last 25 years.  WWE has to be a lot more careful with men vs. women.  It doesn’t matter if people agree with it or not, the TV partners and sponsors don’t want to see men beating up women on TV.  I don’t see inter-gender matches becoming a regular thing, if they even happen at all.

Not that I expect it to happen but how irritated would Vince be if the Rock and partners made a success of the XFL when he couldn't?

My hunch is he will take credit for bringing it back.  That's a Vince thing to do.

Do you think most WWE PPVs are filler shows now? It seems like they are giving a lot more away on SDown and Raw. They also focusing on the secondary titles a lot more. Which is absolutely a good thing. Outside of the Rumble, Mania and SummerSlam most PPVs are just bluh to me.

Under Vince McMahon’s booking, yes I think that.  So far under Triple H’s booking, I don’t think that at all.

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