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By Dave Scherer on 2023-01-15 10:00:00

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Any chance Stephanie resigning is leading to her starting her own company to buy her dad's stocks? It's basically how Vince started.

I would say no chance in hell, because well you know, but I try not to speak in absolutes.  Whatever the longest of longshots is, that is the answer here.  With that said, if Vince really does the most heinous thing I can think of and sell to the Saudis, which would make the company a leper here in the US, I could definitely see Steph and HHH going to NBC Universal and pitch starting a company for them.

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Wow, after reading the mailbag I am impressed at the maturity and professionalism you’ve shown in the face of some of the dumbest questions and stupidest takes ever. This WWE sale situation has really brought out the dumbest wrestling fans, and you answered their questions intelligently without being demeaning, something I sure couldn’t do. It hasn’t been a great few days for the “wrestling media” in general either, what with reporting the Saudi sale was already done and all the crazy speculation that came from that. The stupid takes that followed in the wake of that story made me embarrassed to be a wresting fan. I’m glad you held off and didn’t speculate like most other outlets did. Thanks for that. Were there any questions you got or hot takes you heard that were just too terrible to respond to?

I got some real special emails, that's for sure. Basically what I did was write a stock answer and I pasted it to everyone who asked any kind of question about the false Saudi report. The thing that jumped out at me is that so many people don't understand how business in general works. I already knew that there were a lot of faux journalists that would run with any story, unchecked and unvetted. People like them are why I got into the business in the first place because to me, truth matters.

I know Vince bought the company from his father, yet names not mentioned as possible buyers are family members. Do you see either Stephanie or Shane trying to buy it?

Keep in mind that Vince got a fantastic, pay as you go deal from his father.  For someone to buy WWE now it will require that they have many billions of dollars at their disposal.  There are very few buyers that have that kind of currency.

Should the guy from DAZN Sports that “reported” the Saudi story be fired?

Ordinarily I would say no, since reporters make mistakes.  We are human after all.  But since the guy never acknowledged his error, and in fact just deleted the tweets of his fake story rather than be a real journalist, I would fire him post haste as he has shown a major lack of journalistic integrity.

Is life imitating art now?  Vince's return and the rumors of a potential sale to Saudi Arabia has the real life feel of his NWO storyline of "if I can't have it, I'll kill it".

I will say this, if he does sell it to the Saudis, that’s exactly what I think he will be doing.  I can’t see NBCU or FOX wanting to air anything owned by them on their networks.  Without the TV revenue, what is WWE’s value?  About 90 percent less that what it is WITH the TV deals.

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