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By Mike Johnson on 2023-01-13 21:06:00

Frankie Kazarian announced during Impact Wrestling's Hard to Kill that he had signed a new, long-term contract with the promotion.

During the promo, Kazarian stated that after wrestling from Impact, he had to decide whether to remain complacent and be with "people he thought were his friends" or push himself and he chose to push himself.  The word backstage at the PPV is that Kazarian pretty much told the truth about what happened.

We are told that after his 40 minute+ match with Josh Alexander, Kazarian asked AEW to be released and it was granted.  We are told it was a completely amicable situation based around Kazarian wanting to push himself harder as he's getting closer to to the latter point of his career and that in Impact, he'd had a chance to be more in the mix than he'd likely be able to get the opportunity to do in AEW, given how massive that company's roster is.

We are told Kazarian "did business the right way" and would be welcomed back into their locker room anytime, but going forward, he's with Impact.

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