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By Dave Scherer on 2023-01-11 09:59:00

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Why do you think the market is so favorable to a possible WWE sale? I would have thought that the idea of WWE no longer being under a family that has owned it for generations would have people feeling the opposite in that it may be a risk with what a new company may/may not do in terms of handling assets and its intellectual property.

You are looking at it from a fan point of view, not a business point of view.  Mike Eps and I talked about the business aspect a lot on Monday's show but to surmise, there is a lot of uncertainty around what the next TV rights deal will bring due to the fast moving start of TV and how its consumed.  The sale would bring security and most probably a guaranteed return to the stockholders.

With all the talk of potential WWE buyers, how about The Rock? Could he buy them? Should he buy them? We don't know how his version of the XFL will be, but is he the right person to manage another former WWE product?

He would need a lot of partners and/or financing and honestly I don't think he would want to make the move.  As mentioned above, the lion's share of WWE's revenue comes from TV rights.  If that market changes drastically and the partners change what they are willing to pay for WWE, the company's value changes drastically.  Since it will cost billions to buy WWE, that kind of downturn could be catastrophic for a non-content providing investor.

Can Tony Khan (or his dad) afford to buy WWE if they wanted to? Even if they could, do you think Vince McMahon would consider them knowing that Tony may be doing it just to do it and not really care about continuing WWE's legacy (ala WCW)?

First if Vince is selling for many billions of dollars, he gives up power over how WWE would be used going forward (at least he should in any deal done by a competent lawyer).  In exchange for money, he gives up control of the legacy.  He can hope it carries on but once he sells, he gives up complete control unless he finds a rube to buy it.  I am sure that the Khan's could put together the money to buy it if they wanted to but it will be very expensive and as mentioned above, if the TV rights deals change for the worse, it's a bad investment. WWE's revenue has become very, very dependent on rights fees.

With Vince McMahon now open to selling the WWE (and I never thought he would even consider it, ever), do you think he now cares less about his "baby" or "creation" and now more about the money? Any thoughts on why the change of heart if that is the case? Age? Cashing-out? Looking out for his family's future generations? Spiting the people that have replaced him? Ego?

His indiscretions with the NDA scandal forced him out of the company.  I think he’s wise enough to know that none of his partners had to react to his actions because he stepped aside.  If he came back and took full control, that issue would have to be addressed.  With that said, we don’t know for sure that his goal is to sell.  It could very well be that his goal is to “try to sell” and when it didn’t go through, back he comes into power over the product.  We shall see.

You recently answered a question about the logic of Darby Allin beating Samoa Joe.  While I agree in many cases a much smaller guy shouldn’t be able to beat a bigger guy, it can happen, even in real life. You have to book it that was occasionally or their would be no place in wrestling for smaller guys.  Thoughts?

Of course it can be done!  It’s been done expertly in the past.  The key is making it believable.  If the little guy goes toe to toe with the big guy, it’s unbelievable to me.  The little guy had to be booked in a way that makes the win seem plausible.  And yes, it happens in real life but sorry, if a healthy Joe is fighting a healthy Darby in a shoot, Joe would win every time.

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