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By Dave Scherer on 2023-01-04 10:00:00

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Hypothetical situation: Tony Khan realizes his booking isn't good (I know, unlikely) and decides he needs someone to right the creative ship. Who should he hire? Me personally, I would go with Raven. Every shoot interview I watch when some wrestler is asked about Raven, the person always says he has a great mind for the business. Also, Raven's guest booker shoot interviews are really good too. And I think he's cleaned up his act outside the ring.

It would depend on what kind of realization Khan came to.  Did he realize he isn’t good at booking?  Did he realize that he has idea but formatting them and looking at telling long term stories isn’t his thing?  Did he realize that the direction he has taken the company limits its growth opportunities?  Until I knew that, I couldn’t say.  With that said, ideas are great but they don’t mean that someone can book three hours of first run TV a week.

This is getting talked about. It would be great to see the Rock wrestle again. Yet, if it’s WM 39 or 40, what would be the pay off? Rock doesn’t need a title, and doesn’t have time to defend it. Roman is at the very top, so I don’t see him needing a win. I understand the media it would create, though. Or would Rock win, appear at Raw, forfeit the titles, creating a tournament for a new champ?

That’s the thing, if Rock works he can’t be in a Title match, for just the reason that you said.  To me, since Mania is two nights, I could see a scenario like this happening.  The Bloodline forces Sami to do things he doesn’t want to do and he finally stands up to them and says no.  Them turning on him would kill his character, he has to be the one who defies them.  Then, as they start to beat him down for his arrogance, KO comes out.  It’s still 4 on 2 though so The Bloodline gains control.  At that point, the Rock’s music hits and he makes the save.  That sets up a match for night 1 where Rock can be used like they used Cena last week.  If they wanted, they could do a stip that if the faces win, KO or Sami gets a shot at Roman the next night.  Of course if that happens, Rock would be at ringside on night two.  I would use him in that kind of scenario.

With no big shows (unless you want to count RAW's return to MSG) or PLE's do you have any thoughts on how creative could build interest for the Royal Rumble? Not just the singles matches either but maybe something to hype the Rumble itself?

They will do what they do every year, promote the start of WrestleMania season.  The Rumble sells itself.  The build won’t be hard at all.  What WAS hard was getting through the dead zone month of December.

Does hiring Mike Mansury give any hope AEW can fix their issues? I understand they have a large roster, but to me, one of their biggest failings in regards to booking is seemingly putting each episode of Dymanite together on the fly. No buildup, just matches for the sake of matches. The concept of keeping momentum on potential hot feuds seems lost to them. It's hard to keep intererst in, say, the Christian Cage-Jungle Boy-Luchasauraus story line when they go weeks between having appearances from them, let alone actual matches. Same goes for Wardlow. Put him with Samoa Joe for no reason is bad enough. To barely follow up when they do split up is nonsensical.  Is this something Mansury will be able to even work on?

He can help, for sure.  His background is in production and presentation, not booking.  That would be something Tony Khan has to fix.  It’s a good hire but it won’t fix the problems that Khan’s booking causes.  Only Tony can fix that….and he doesn’t see a problem.

We saw Sammy Guevarra cover his mouth in Jon Moxley's blood, then proceed to tongue kiss Tay Melo, thus transferring Moxley's blood from his mouth to his wife's.  Never mind how disgusting this is, it is also a HUGE health risk given what we know about the transmission of blood-borne diseases.  If Tony Khan seemingly has no problem with this kind of thing, is he ensuring that the wrestlers are regularly tested for transmissible diseases?  If he isn't testing them and he continues to allow his wrestlers to lick other people's blood, it's only a matter of time before someone becomes seriously ill as a result.

They have always said that they test the wrestlers but even so, a test can miss something.  That whole segment was disgusting.  I turned the show off after I saw it.  I don’t get paid enough to watch garbage like that, and it is garbage.

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