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By Dave Scherer on 2022-12-14 10:00:00

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Did Tony overpay for ROH? Holy crap. 10 bucks to watch a weekly ROH show is bad.  And you know there is no tv deal in sight because the Briscoes and Claudio are champs. 

I don't know what he paid so I can't say but I don't think he has done a good job with it since he has taken control.  The fact that ROH TV will be on the new Honor Club makes it pretty clear no one will pay to air it on a quality channel for a good price.  He has put a lot of ROH talent on Dynamite and Rampage and that didn't move the needle.  I don't see masses signing up to watch a weekly TV show.  The concept didn't work for TNA two decades ago.

Do you feel Punk should get any of the blame for the current situation in AEW?

If you mean the locker room blow up and the scrum comments, absolutely.  He played a part in all of this.  I don't think he was the person who was most at fault, but he definitely deserves a lot of blame. 

In my opinion, the Hangman promo that upset him was so ambiguous that most people would have never picked up on it…and the majority of people either didn’t care about the Cabana rumors or attribute it to “an inside source”. 

Well clearly you showed you don’t understand the business.  One, the promo was a betrayal of trust.  If a wrestlers shoots on you by going off script on a promo, it’s fair to think he will do that when you trust him with your body during a match.  The fact that you think the off script promo was “ambiguous” shows me you are making an excuse for someone you like.

But Punk called Page out on live TV as a “receipt”. Totally made one of their top faces look like a chump.  Not subtle in the least. 

If you were fair, you would realize that they both did the same thing.  

Then the whole thing at All Out was one of the most unprofessional things I’ve ever seen someone do. He not only went after the Elite and Cabana, but pretty much said the entire locker room was a bunch of whiny kids, including MJF who, as far as I can tell,  had nothing to do with the entire thing. 

He never said a negative word about MJF but again, people like you don’t let the facts get in the way of your narrative.  Punk was unprofessional to shoot at the scrum but if you don’t think The Bucks and Kenny Omega was “children” when they mocked him on national TV AFTER they won the war, you are an apologist for people that you love.

Do you think it would help AEW to do a brand split like WWE does? Whether a Dynamite and a Rampage show, or an AEW and a ROH show or something? I'm a VERY casual fan of AEW and mostly follow thru recaps and here. But it really seems like they have a separated locker room already, between The Elite, Jericho and they're camps and FTR, Moxley, Miro and such on the other. It's like they barely even acknowledge each other

Honestly?  No.  I think that the company has a ton of talent.  Most of them are just used poorly.

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