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By Billy Krotchsen on 2022-11-23 22:30:00

No post-Dynamite antics.

Jim Ross came out to do commentary.

*ROH Tag Team Champions FTR defeated Top Flight.  The Gunn Club came out.

*ROH Champion Chris Jericho came out with the entire Jericho Appreciation Society.  Jericho claimed he was the best ROH Champion of all time.  Claudio Castagnoli came out on the stage.   He said he has to beat Jericho.  He challenges Jericho to a title match.  Jericho told him to forget it, because there is nothing he can offer Jericho.  Matt Menard suggests that if Claudio loses, he joins the Jericho Appreciation Society.  Claudio agrees.  They will face off at Final Battle on December 10th.

*Darby Allin defeated Anthony Henry.

*Hikaru Shida defeated Queen Aminata.

*Rush, The Butcher and The Blade defeated The Dark Order.  John Silver and Alex Reynolds came out alone.  10 ran in later in the match but then turned on John Silver, leaving him to be beaten by Rush.  10 laid out Evil Uno and unmasked him as well while -1 was upset on the stage.  They put Alex Reynolds through a table on the floor.  10 confronted -1 on the stage and threw the mask down at his feet.

After the taping, Tony Schiavone thanked everyone and wished them a Happy Thanksgiving.  He brought out Jungle Boy, who said he loves the Chicago crowd and hoped to wrestle tonight but the doctors didn't think it was a good idea after the steel cage match.  He said that after what La Faccion did, he didn't want the night to end on a bad note so he wanted to come out and say hello.  Jose the Assistant came out and was angry he was taking the focus away from La Faccion and challenged him to a match.  Jungle Boy agreed.  Jose said it was a Street Fight.  It was basically Jungle Boy beating him up and holding him for fans to chop. 

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