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By Mike Johnson on 2022-11-22 16:14:00

As Paul Jordan noted earlier, WWE has signed Cheer star Gabi Butler, who was featured as one of the focal stars in the Netflix cheerleading competition. 

This may be a signing that is long remembered should everything play out to the best of plans, as Butler is 100% a star and probably in the top echelon of athletes ever signed by the company, as anyone who has ever seen the show will tell you.

Butler, 24, was already a massive social media star before the Netflix series hit, hosting over a million instagram followers at that point several years ago.   She now sports over 2 million.  By the time the Netflix series hit, Butler, then 22, was already in the process of figuring out what her future would be and after visiting WWE this past July at Summerslam, began exploring the potential of signing with the company.

Regarding her visit to Summerslam. Butler told People, "It was almost like I was watching a cheerleading competition, but wrestling edition."

Should Butler be able to take her cheerleading charisma and athletic prowess and properly focus it into the wrestling sphere, WWE may have found another potential franchise.  If you don't believe me, go check out Cheer's first episode.  Butler is introduced 26 minutes in.

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