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By Kendall Jenkins on 2022-11-22 07:57:00


Do you know what one of the big injustices of the modern world is? A person who tries to move forward, develop, climb the career ladder and just get better is doomed to loneliness. And vice versa, carefree people who think little about tomorrow often easily find a mate and live without worrying about anything. What kind of relationship this is, and how happy and stable they are, is another question. But the fact remains. Many of us find it very difficult to find love.

Why is it so difficult for a professional to find a soulmate

The reason is not just in their employment as such. There are many more additional and not entirely obvious reasons:

  1. A busy person does not build relationships at work. They clearly distinguish between personal life and work tasks. And they understand that it is very problematic to combine them. Especially in the context of the coronavirus pandemic, when millions of people have switched to a remote work format, acquaintances in a work team have become a rarity.

  2. A busy person does not meet potential partners through relatives. They are too independent and self-reliant to make matchmakers out of their relatives. Plus relying on relatives in such matters is a rather dubious idea.

  3. A busy person rarely meets someone through mutual friends. In general, they have a very small circle of really close friends. Look at yourself — do you have many friends you trust 100% and are ready to rely on even in the most critical situation?

Due to all this, busy people themselves are great partners. They are self-confident, purposeful, they know how to achieve their goal, they value friendship and relationships, they know how to be tactful. And also any professional in their field is an excellent conversationalist who can open up a whole new world for you where you don’t expect anything at all. That’s great!

But still... How can a busy person find love if standard methods don't work for them? The most obvious answer is dating sites and apps. But here there is a nuance. Not every site is suitable, only a few. It’s those we’ll be looking at in more detail.

Dating sites for busy people

The InnerCircle

The main idea of InnerCircle is to find those people who match your values and interests. Search by interests helps to save a lot of time — this is especially important for a busy person.

Key benefits

  • Real time savings thanks to search by interests

  • Good moderation of all new profiles

  • Focus on a quick transition from online to offline communication

Interesting facts

An important difference between InnerCircle and its rivals is the offline events organized by the platform. Here you can meet interesting single people in real life, get acquainted and continue to communicate in a way that suits you.

Match is an international dating site that operates in more than 50 countries around the world in twelve languages. More importantly, this is the first dating site of the modern type. The site was launched in April 1995 and became the progenitor of all current dating sites.. Match can be safely recommended to all users who do not need various trendy solutions and redundant functionality.

Key benefits

  • Comprehensive user profiles that can be viewed without a premium account

  • Very large audience of active users

  • A real opportunity for busy people to get acquainted in other countries where they travel for business or pleasure

Interesting facts is not just a popular dating site, but also part of the huge Match Group corporation, which combines more than twenty other dating sites, including Hinge, Meetic, OkCupid, Tinder and others.


Seeking is a dating site for successful and attractive people. For those who know their worth and are looking for a worthy partner. According to the developers, the Seeking audience is more than 40 million people in 130 countries.

Key benefits

  • Exclusive dating site for the elite

  • Detailed moderation and selection of new members

  • Large and active audience of users

Interesting facts

The Seeking site is really on everyone's lips. The New York Times, Forbes, CNN, The Wall Street Journal and other publications popular all over the world have already talked about it. It’s clearly making waves.


On Hinge, everyone can talk about themselves and their lives in detail, as well as get to know the other members well. Education, interests, religion, hobbies, political beliefs — all this and much more you can express in Hinge. And in the same way you can find out all the most important things about a potential partner.

Key benefits

  • Detailed and comprehensive user profiles

  • Exclusive algorithm for selecting the perfect pair

  • Excellent moderation and good support service

Interesting facts

Hinge is a dating service that uses the Gale-Shapley algorithm, according to which, in a group with the same number of men and women, everyone will eventually find the most suitable match for themselves. And it really works!


A platform for creative people who are so passionate about their creativity that sometimes they do not find time for romance. It is here that you can find a twin soul and do what you love together.

Key benefits

  • Large and very diverse creative audience — more than 35 million participants

  • A selection of relationship tips for those who are looking for love

  • Operates in more than 80 countries around the world

Interesting facts

The Zoosk team are famous philanthropists. They donate to Glide Memorial, art circles and groups, and animal shelters. By using Zoosk, you automatically become a benefactor.

The League

The League is a dating app that focuses on video dates. This is important not only in terms of saving time, but also for building relationships faster. For busy people who know the value of time, this approach is especially important.

Key benefits

  • An effective system for matching potential partners

  • Mandatory verification of the identity of each participant

  • LinkedIn authentication to protect confidentiality: the system automatically blocks your contacts from LinkedIn.

Interesting facts

One of the most interesting features of The League is dating marathons. Each such marathon lasts nine minutes, during which you have three dates for three minutes with different people. If two participants enjoy the date, they can continue further communication on the site without restrictions.


A popular video chat with women, the key feature of which is a unique gender filter. CooMeet connects men only with girls, and girls must verify their identity when registering. The time savings are enormous!

Key benefits

  • A real opportunity to meet interesting girls

  • Convenient web version, as well as applications for iOS and Android

  • Completely free trial for all new members

Interesting facts

CooMeet is a unique video chat in many ways. But one of the main ones is the affiliate program. Thanks to it, you can earn real money by inviting new members. Why not combine business with pleasure?


A classic video chat, the main task of which is to connect random users via video link. Gender and geographic filters are available, as well as the search for people by interest.

Key benefits

  • Themed chat rooms for group communication

  • Separate chat for communication with girls only (paid access)

  • Support in dozens of countries around the world

Interesting facts

Chatrandom was one of the first random video chats. It has been operating since 2011, while the pioneers in this field — Omegle and Chatroulette — only launched in 2009. At the same time, Chatrandom outperforms them in almost all respects.

Even the busiest can find love

The main goal of our article is to convey to readers the key idea: “every person can meet their love if they take the right steps”. It doesn’t matter who you work for, how much time you spend in the office, how big your social circle is, and so on. If you are ready to act, then act!

The dating services and online video chats listed above are a great choice for busy people. But you may not be limited to just them. There are thousands more alternatives, where millions of the same lonely people gather, dreaming of meeting their destiny. Maybe it's time for you to find each other?

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