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By Mike Johnson on 2022-11-28 08:35:00

The updated lineup for the Saturday 12/3 Lucha Libre USA event in Tempe, Arizona at the Mullet Arena features:

*Pentagon Jr. & Hijo del Vikingo vs. Daga & Flip Gordon.

*Cain Velasquez & Blue Demon Jr. & Pagano vs. Black Taurus & Sam Adonis & Gringo Loco.

*Mr Iguana & Arez & Komander vs. Sanson & El Cuatrero & Forastero.

*Ladi Shani & Sexy Star vs. Maravilla & Chik Tormenta.

*Mascarita Sagrada & Willie Mack & Dave The Clown vs. Demus & Latigo & Luchador Sorpresa (mystery partner)

Tickets are on sale now via

Lucha Libre AAA announced the following:


-An authentic Mexican Lucha Libre experience presented by Lucha Libre AAA  Worldwide in its return to the United States.  

-The event will include the celebration of the Centennial of Legendary Luchador, Blue Demon, with the stellar appearance of Blue Demon Jr.  

-Psycho Clown, Hijo Del Vikingo, Vampiro Canadiense, Sexy Star, Lady Shani and many  more AAA Stars will shine in this authentic Lucha Libre event.  

After the successful event "Invading NY" at the Hulu Theater in Madison Square Garden in New  York City, Lucha Libre AAA Worldwide returns to the United States for the first time to the  brand new Mullett Arena in Tempe, Arizona, on Saturday, December 3, 2022. 

The AAA Stars and the legends of Mexican wrestling will headline this event, including the  stellar participation of Blue Demon Jr., celebrating the Centennial of the Legendary Luchador,  Blue Demon, one of the most iconic Lucha Libre figures in Mexico and around the world. 

“This year is very important for Lucha Libre AAA Worldwide as we celebrate 30 years since its  inception. A Mexican company that has brought the best wrestling around the world, featuring  the most iconic Luchadores (Wrestlers) under the AAA banner. This was the dream of my uncle,  Lic. Antonio Peña, and continues with the guidance of my mother, Lic. Marisela Peña,  President of the company.” 

“That is why this celebration and experience will be a cannot miss event of international  stature. On December 3 at the Mullett Arena in Tempe, Arizona, Lucha Libre AAA Worldwide  will present a unique experience, starring Psycho Clown, Hilo de Vikingo, Sexy Star, Lady Shani  and many more AAA Stars, in addition, the presence of great legends, like Blue Demon Jr. and  Vampiro Canadiense.” declared Dorian Roldán, General Director of Lucha Libre AAA  Worldwide. 

Ticket sales will begin on Wednesday, September 28 at Ticketmaster. 

Doors open for this event at 7pm. General admission tickets begin at $25.00 with V.I.P. and  meet and greet tickets also available. 

For more information on Lucha Libre AAA Worldwide and the event at the Mullet Arena in  Tempe, Arizona, follow us on: 

About Lucha Libre AAA Worldwide. 

Considered as the leading promotion in the sport-spectacle of Mexican Professional Wrestling,  Lucha Libre AAA Worldwide was founded in 1992 by Mr. Antonio Peña Herrada. Among the  innovative efforts that the brand has created, the cartoon movie “Sin Límite en el Tiempo” and  the video game “La Lucha Libre Heroes del Ring” stand out, specially designed for the  Mexican market. AAA holds more than 400 events a year, generating more than 260 hours of  television content for a captive and recurring audience, with almost 70 million viewers  nationwide, through Space, Facebook, YouTube, Multimedios and TV Azteca. For more  information consult the page 

All AAA copyrights, trademarks and characters are registered and protected in favor of AAA.  D.R. 2022.

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