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By Dave Scherer on 2022-11-22 09:59:00

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Was NWA Hard Times 3 the worst PPV of the year? Forget the results - one in particular - the quality of most matches felt flat, the lighting of the venue was darker than a black hole, sloppy, silly and virtually unwatchable. The only emotion EC3 invoked was cringe. I could go on.

I haven't seen every iPPV so I can't say it was the worst but yes, it was pretty bad.

If you were CM Punk and you’re negotiating a contract buyout with Tony Khan, would you accept a noncompete clause OR a nondisclosure agreement?  Or would you say “screw it, I’m suing Tony for everything I’m owed, and then I’m calling Paul Levesque, and Dave Scherer.”

It would depend on how much money Tony offered me.  If he paid me an extravagant amount of money to go away and keep quiet, I would do it.  I think that Punk has an idea what WWE would pay him so if I were him, Khan would have to top that in a big, big way.

For Wargames, should Roman take a pinfall loss?  Or should Roman not lose until someone beats him for title?  I think after 3 years of Roman not taking a single pin, anybody who pins him gets elavated… even for non title.  I think if somebody pins Roman at Wargames, that’s a ready made opponent to challenge him at the Royal Rumble.

Unless WWE is sure that one of the members of the babyface team is the guy that they want to beat Roman for the Titles, I wouldn’t have him do the job here.  I keep him as clean as possible so the first pin on him is when he loses the belts.

So if Sammy Guevara just threw a chair at Bryan Danielson’s head, does this mean Tony Khan is going to book Bryan to take a fall off of a scissor lift backstage?

I’ve got nothing.  Seriously.

Jim Cornette recently explained that Texas Death Match originally was a match with unlimited pinfalls, where whoever got pinned had until the count of 10 to get up or he’d lose the match.  Is that kind of match something that could be brought back or should it stay in the annals of wrestling history?

I could definitely leave that one in mothballs.  It doesn’t do anything for me.

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