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By Billy Krotchsen on 2022-11-16 22:41:00

After AEW Dynamite went off the air, MJF stood in the ring and called out AEW President Tony Khan, who came to the ring.  

MJF said he wasn't going to shake Tony down for money tonight, so relax.  He asked CT if they had fun tonight.  He asked them if they came to see Jon Moxley.  There were some boos.  He asked the crowd to tell the world who they came to see.  They chanted for MJF.

MJF said he wanted to "get real" with the fans real quick.  He said a "lot of bullsh** has gone on."  He said he and Tony have been at odds "once or twice" and he's not going to pretend "that's not the case."  

He said that he wants to comment on something he's been seeing lately.  He asked the crowd to make noise if they are wrestling fans and they popped.

"You guys say you are wrestling fans.  Imagine, imagine for one second, if you had the opportunity to bring your love of professional wrestling out to the world, to create an alternative, would you do it?"

The crowd popped.

MJF said Tony Khan busts his ass week in, week out to give not just the fans, but everyone in the back an opportunity to show the world "how much we love professional wrestling."  The crowd chanted for Khan.  MJF said they risk their lives every time they step in the ring and they don't take that lightly.  

He said that he doesn't take lightly to "someone coming into my company, dropping trow(sers) and taking a dump.  That sh** ain't happening anymore."    Obviously, that was a reference to the CM Punk scrum.

MJF said this is "the place", and the only reason it's here is because of "Tony F***ing Khan."  He said that without Tony Khan, professional wrestling is a monopoly.  He joked that he loves WWE, "however, your favorite wrestlers don't get paid properly or eat properly unless Tony Khan makes that alternative."

MJF said he's going to carry AEW on his back and then turned to Khan and said to pay up in the bidding war of 2024.  He told the crowd to buy the PPV, because he's taking the gold.

MJF left the ring, leaving Tony alone.  Khan went around ringside taking photos and signing for fans.  Khan came out with a ring mic, but did not address the crowd.

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