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By Mike Johnson on 2022-11-15 09:12:00

WRAL-TV in North Carolina featured a piece on Reby Hardy after a photo of her daughter in goth dress went viral online.

The New York Post featured a piece on the latest performances of pro wrestling musical The Last Match last night in New Jersey as the show attempts to build momentum for its goal of a Broadway run.

Dory Funk Jr. is working on a second memoir.

Kevin Kelly is launching a new promotion, American eXcellence Wrestling, which he will be financially invested in.  The group will be running 1/7/23 in Hamburg, PA.

For those of you who asked about where to order The Bushwhackers memoir, you can order it on Amazon at this link.

The new book THE MAN BEHIND THE MAKEUP: The Professional Wrestling Life And times Of Jeff Bearden, Who Wrestled As Giant Warrior, Big Tiger Steele, Colossus The Gladiator, And Butch Masters by Jeff Bearden, who wrestled internationally in Mexico, Europe and more, was officially released today.

WWE Hall of Famer Gerald Brisco has been added to the fourth annual TMart Promotions' The Gathering in Charlotte, NC this August (from 8/3 - 8/6) will include a number of stars from Championship Wrestling from Florida appearing for a Thursday CWF panel Q&A with Steve Keirnm Brisco and Bob Roop already set. WWE Hall of Famer Kurt Angle, Jim Brunzell, Greg Gagne and former NWA Junior Heavyweight Champion Denny Brown have already been announced for the weekend.  For more, visit

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