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By Mike Johnson on 2022-11-18 10:00:00


If you are AEW, does MJF win the title at Full Gear?

Yes, I think the best move for the company's short and long-term is to place MJF in that position.  I think they have gone as far as they can go with Moxley as the champion at the moment.  We've seen the energy that comes with The Acclaimed as the Tag Champions as the audience sees them as someone they've "discovered" and "made."  I think MJF is in a similar situation and the audience is ready to go on a ride with him.  MJF losing means they've lost lightning in a bottle.  In my mind, he should go over tomorrow at the PPV.  The company can use that moment as a win.  I like the idea of MJF and The Acclaimed as the top acts in the company going forward.

WWE released a lot of DVDs when they were digitizing logos and editing out music, etc.  I am speaking about Anthology sets.  Do you think they will ever re-release them with the full versions?

No, I don't believe they would undergo the expense of trying to make that effort and then sell it as physical media, since the market for such things have dried up thanks to streaming.

Do wrestlers ever have upcoming title reigns written into their contracts? It's something I'm guessing Cody requested when resigning with wwe and I can't imagine Hogan didn't have something in his contract to cover this.

I've never, ever heard of this ever being included in someone's contract.  I don't believe for a second Cody has that in his WWE deal. 

Favorite John Cena acting role?

Easily Peacemaker.  John was excellent in that series.  I am really looking forward to the second season when it comes about.  

I am watching old WCW TV.  Who was the Samoan Savage with the Samoan SWAT Team?

Sam Fatu aka the former Tonga Kid.

Why do you think it took Bobby Lashley so long to, pardon me, get so good?

I think Lashley always had the physical traits of a good performer athletically, but like a lot of others, it took him awhile to figure out what worked to get himself over and to get the most out each situation he was in.    I think that when Lashley left WWE and gained more experience, especially in his TNA run, it came together and now we get to see the fruits of that labor.  I can remember a series of TV tapings in NYC where he wrestled Jeff Hardy and Austin Aries, among others, and it was obvious something had clicked and he had gone to another level.  I pinpoint that era for the Lashley fans really enjoy today.  If you've never seen that portion of Lashley's career, it's on the Impact+ app.

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