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By Dave Scherer on 2022-11-13 10:00:00

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Will Logan Paul become a regular talent or just stay as a special attraction?

He will be a special attraction.  The guy has so much going on he won’t commit to WWE full time, and I wouldn’t either if I were him.  If he did?  He would be a top guy, no doubt in my mind.  He has been fantastic, for sure.

So Matt Hardy tweeted that he saw the locker room fight at the scrum and that the EVPs did nothing wrong.  Then he said he wasn’t there but still, the EVPs did nothing wrong.  Do you think he said that because he likes The Young Bucks and doesn’t like CM Punk?

In a word, yes.  It seemed pretty transparent to me but hey, his take on what happened without even being there?  Is it any worse than the “investigation” that Dewey, Cheatum and Howe did?  I would say no.  This thing seems like friends are sticking up for friends here.

I have seen a vast improvement and been interested way more in Dominick since he joined The Judgement Day. Would you agree?

There has been improvement as a character, for sure.  His work?  Well, it’s better I guess because he is working as a heel and he doesn’t have to do the flying he had to do as a babyface.  I hope that he keeps improving.

If you were Brie Bella, would you be sorry you encouraged Bryan Danielson to find his way back to wrestling after taking the chair to the face from Sammy Guevara?

I cringed when I saw that.  That isn’t pro wrestling to me.  That is actual violence and it was a ridiculously stupid spot.  If I were Brie, I would tell him that crap has got to stop.  The man has a history of head issues for God’s sake.  WWE stopped him from hurting himself.  AEW allows him to take shots like that.  I fear that this won’t end well.

And who was more unprofessional in doing that spot?

Man, that’s tough.  If I were Bryan, I wouldn’t take that.  If I were Sammy, I wouldn’t do it.  Hard to say but they were both wrong to do it.

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