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By Mike Johnson on 2022-11-22 09:15:00

Peacock is now streaming their three-part Teddy Hart true crime documentary Dangerous Breed: Crime. Cons. Cats.

The documentary covers Hart's controversial wrestling career, arrests, allegations of sexual misconduct and the disappearance of a wrestling trainee Samatha Fiddler, who had traveled to the United State from Canada with Hart.  Fiddler has not been seen in five years.  Anyone who knew Fiddler or has potential information about her disappearance is asked to call FDLE Tampa at 1-800-226-1140.

Promotional material for the docuseries - "Canadian filmmaker Frederick Kroetsch spends 10 years trying to make a reality show about controversial independent wrestler and Persian cat breeder, Teddy Hart. After accumulating years of footage, Frederick is shocked when multiple women whom he has been filming alongside Teddy, describe disturbing accusations of sexual misconduct behind the scenes. As Teddy defends himself against growing allegations, his protege and ex-girlfriend Samantha Fiddler, goes missing. With Samantha’s family desperate for answers, Frederick reexamines the footage and seeks out the people closest to Samantha, leading to a dramatic current day confrontation with Teddy Hart. "

Part 1: A Tail Tale  - Controversial wrestler Teddy Hart attempts to make a reality show that takes a dark turn. 

Part 2: The Nine Lives of Teddy Hart - Teddy faces his legal troubles in Canada and meets aspiring wrestler Samantha Fiddler. 

Part 3: Cat and Mouse - Samantha’s family is desperate for answers; Teddy finally sits down to answer Frederick’s questions. 

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