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By Mike Johnson on 2022-11-07 11:46:00

The National Wrestling Alliance issued the following statement to in the wake of former NWA Champion Nick Aldis announcing on his Instagram that he had given notice to the company and was not happy with the current product:

NWA response to recent statements made by Nick Aldis

Pursuant to the recent comments made by Nick Aldis, the National Wrestling Alliance, has suspended Aldis from the main roster and effective immediately Aldis will not appear for the
Hard Times 3 PPV and Revolution Rumble television tapings in New Orleans, LA on Nov. 12, 2022 and Nov. 13, 2022.

As such, the National Wrestling Alliance reserves its right to comment on this matter at a future date.


Founded in 1948, the National Wrestling Alliance is one of the oldest and most prestigious professional wrestling brands in the world. In 2017, international recording artist William Patrick Corgan (Smashing Pumpkins) purchased the NWA with the intention of reinventing the brand for the modern era whilst honoring the legacy of its heyday in the 1980s. Beginning with the critically-acclaimed Ten Pounds Of Gold docu-series, the NWA has since expanded its programming to include two weekly broadcasts (NWA Powerrr & NWA USA) and 6 annual
pay-per-views, all of which are available via NWA All Access, our paid subscription service on Triller's FITE streaming platform. Replays of NWA Powerrr and premieres of NWA USA are also available on the NWA YouTube channel./


After receiving the statement, I reached out to NWA Chief Operating Officer Joe Galli who confirmed that Aldis is under contract through 12/31.   Galli stated, on the record, "This is not a wrestling angle." 

Galli also noted that he does not yet know how this suspension would impact the promotion's planned TV Tapings in December.

Aldis was scheduled to face Odinson this Saturday at the NWA Hard Times 3 PPV, but that will obviously not be happening.  We are told what Odinson will do instead has yet to be determined.

Aldis had been previously pulled from the main event of NWA 74 over the summer.  As reported last night, unless some agreement is made between the two sides, Aldis, a major part of rebranding and relaunching the NWA as an entity, will become a free agent this January.

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