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By Dave Scherer on 2022-11-08 10:01:00

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I know that you don’t like to comment on what other journalists say, but I just saw this tweet from Dave Meltzer and I couldn’t believe my ears.  He actually said, extremely emphatically, that because Colt Cabana appeared on Dynamite it “proved” that the story of CM Punk holding Cabana off of TV was true all along.  I have to ask, did he ever wrestle?  Was he hit in the head a lot?  How does it prove anything?  Here is the clip so can listen for yourself.

You are correct.  I don’t like to comment on other reporters and what they say.  I will in this case because I find what was said to be ridiculous and as a respected voice in my community, I think his comments can reflect poorly on the rest of us. I don’t believe Dave has ever actually wrestled.  I can’t comment on whether he has been hit in the head or not because I haven’t spoken to him in probably 25 years, so I don’t know what he is into nowadays from an exercise standpoint.  With that said, I watched the clip and what he said was ridiculous on many levels.  First off, after dancing around whether he believed the initial story…..well I can’t call it a story because it was really just a claim from people who planted something to work gullible reporters who will report anything that they hear as being a fact…he pretty much made it clear that he believed it to be true, and in the video above felt vindicated in his “reporting” by making a huge leap.  The problem is, he mistimed his proverbial leap and didn’t make it from one rooftop to the other.  He actually went SPLAT on the side of the building, and fell to the street.  I guess Dave is calling Tony Khan a liar, because the boss himself said the rumor wasn’t true, albeit long after when he should have addressed it.  Say what you want about Tony, but when he doesn’t want to answer something he just doesn’t do it.  Ask Ariel Helwani or Justin Barrasso.  He doesn’t lie.   Also, Punk has been gone from AEW for about two months and it was pretty clear he wasn’t coming back.  If Punk was the only reason that Cabana wasn’t on TV, why wasn’t Colt back on Dynamite sooner?  Why doesn’t he have a regular role?  And not for nothing, he was hardly on TV before Punk even signed!  Beyond that, Dave ignores the possibility that Chris Jericho could have lobbied for Cabana to be his opponent as a way to needle Punk.  Or Tony could have done it for the same reason.  For Dave to call Cabana being used once in two months as “proof” to something that no one credible has ever said was true, and the owner of the company himself has denied both to Forbes as well as at the post match All Out scrum, is flat out ridiculous.  So he is calling Khan a liar?  Sometimes reporters get things wrong.  When that happens, you own it.  You don't make up false reasons as to why you were "right" all along.  The irony lost in all this was that outlets and Dave reported something as a fact just because they assumed it to be true without concrete (or any) proof, and the same exact thing just happened here.  There is no proof, just a leap that can't be proven. The guy I feel bad for here is Cabana, he has been played as a pawn by a bunch of backstage politicians.  That sucks.

Also, I saw that Meltzer tweeted that AEW Dynamite held up well until the last 30 minutes due to the “no hitter” in the World Series.  That was the fifth inning.  Two questions, can you let us know what the quarter hours were and two, would any baseball fan really think people would drop everything to tune in to a no hitter in the fifth inning?

First off, anyone that knows anything about baseball knows that viewers who aren’t already watching don’t tune in, en masse, when someone has a no-hitter half way through the game.  They wait until the seventh or eight inning.  So that is a ridiculous take to me.

Q1:1,091,000 viewers
Q2: 968,000 viewers
Q3: 901,000 viewers 
Q4: 1,020,000 viewers 
Q5: 880,000 viewers 
Q6: 882,000 viewers 
Q7: 802,000 viewers 
Q8: 738,000 viewers 

Quarter 4 had the Daddy Ass Birthday Celebration and ended with Jericho doing a promo.  Quarter 5 saw Jericho bring out Colt Cabana.  140,000 people turned off Dynamite at the start of hour two.  I wouldn’t call that holding up well.  To me, it spoke more to the FU that AEW did to Punk fans by bringing out Cabana.  The last half hour had Jade Cargill vs. Marina Shafir and Samoa Joe vs. Brian Cage.  I think those matches, where fans knew neither challenger had a chance to win, along with the FU to Punk, are the real reason people tuned out. 

When AEW returns to Chicago, do you think The Elite and/or Colt Cabana will be booed out of the building?

We will find out on November 23.  If think if The Young Bucks appear, they will be booed for sure.  I have to wonder if Cabana will even be brought in since it seems like his only purpose was to be the FU to CM Punk on Dynamite last week.  I am very curious to see what that crowd does. Lots of good seats still remain.  Maybe they should have held off the Colt FU until after they ran the market.

If WWE can’t get The Rock to take on Roman at Wrestlemania 39, should they go all in on the Bloodline angle and do Roman Reigns vs Sami Zayn?

It’s too soon for me to say.  The beauty of the Bloodline angle is that it can go in many directions and I think the WWE booking team will watch it and see from there.

Which is worse in your opinion: current AEW or 2000 era WCW?  

I will have to go with current AEW.  I think the booking is terrible.  At the end of WCW, the booking was pedestrian.  So I will go with AEW on this one.  

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