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By Dave Scherer on 2022-11-07 10:00:00

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How great was Logan Paul at Crown Jewel?

He was fantastic.  He clearly loves the business and committed to it.  As I said in my blog on Saturday, if he wanted to commit full time he could be a star in wrestling, no doubt.

I see some of the ridiculous things that people @ you on Twitter.  What is your reaction to it?

Honestly?  Apathy.  I couldn’t care less what trolls think so I just block them.  I can respect someone who has a different opinion.  Someone that just ignores facts and is looking for attention?  Well I don’t waste my time with those losers.

I had high hopes for AEW when it first launched, I'm a wrestling fan that can support both WWE and AEW. I was hopeful for something different, not just for the fans but for the wrestlers also. One thing that was disappointing immediately was the constant shots at WWE, from wrestlers all the way up to the owner Tony Kahn. It's ironic that they all complained and berated WWE's businesses practices ( specifically Vince's) only to let there own get out of control. They all poked fun at WWE's toxic backstage environment, backstage politics,  illogical booking, non use or misuse of talented wrestlers, not listening to what the fans want, pushing talent ahead of some others the fans really want to see. But don't all those issues seem all too familiar to AEW right now?

They sure are.  But, that's what Tony Khan wants so that is what the company will be.  It's been going on too long now for him to be unaware of what AEW is so the only answer is he likes it as it is.

Should we really be surprised that AEW is such as mess behind the scenes? I'm a big sports fan and there is evidence that Tony Kahn and his family are not good at running sports franchises. Their soccer team is not good and thier NFL team the Jaguars have been one of the worst teams over the last decade. The Jags have had similar issues to what AEW has had. Poor hiring decisions, executives in put in place that shouldn't have been, behind the scenes disfunction. Just like the poor booking AEW has put on TV, they have put poor performing teams on the field. If you look at the 2021 jags season, it's probably the most dysfunctional and embarrassing season a team has had in recent years.

I don’t know much about soccer but I think your NFL comparison holds weight.  The Jags have been a mess for most of the Khan ownership.  As an Eagles fan, I hope Doug Pederson can turn it around.  

Ever since the AEW media scrum with CM Punk, it seems most in the IWC find it cool to hate on Punk and say very little about The Elite and Tony Khan.  Do you think they’re focusing too much on what Punk said rather than why he said it, or were they just looking for a reason to bash Punk and found one?

I don’t pay attention to much of that silliness to be honest but anyone who doesn’t take the EVPs and Khan to task for their role in the whole fiasco just aren’t fair, or worse are just dopey marks.  Fair people put the blame on everyone.  Fan boys make excuses for their guys.  Those kinds of people are the goofs I block on Twitter.

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