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By Dave Scherer, Mike Johnson & Richard Trionfo on 2022-11-03 23:38:00

WWE will present the 2022 Crown Jewel PPV on Saturday 11/5 from Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.  Here is our take on what will happen on the show.

WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns with Paul Heyman vs. Logan Paul.

Dave: Obviously, Paul has no chance to win the Title, nor should he.  With that said, the build for this has been great and I am excited to see how they present it.  I am legitimately looking forward to the match.  That is Booker Of The Year stuff if you ask me.  Roman goes over.

Mike: They have done a legitimately amazing job of building this up through Paul Heyman's comments about Brock winning his UFC title in his third fight and Logan Paul having the pins in his hands, etc.  This is happening for one reason - it's a big spectacle that will bring in Peacock viewers and will be something distinct and different for Saudi Arabia.  We KNOW Roman will walk out the champion but with Jake Paul there, we also know there's going to be run-ins and shenanigans and a spectacle that will likely have a ton of twists and turns and strong acting from Roman.  

Richard: If this wasn't in Saudi Arabia, this match would not be happening.  That should mean that Roman retains after the typical 20 minute Romanologue match where he does a few moves, then talks until Logan gets in a few moves and maybe a near fall or two.  The possibility of the punch adds something to this match but if it turns into Logan focusing too much on that 'one punch' to win, it should cost him.  Also, isn't a closed fist supposed to be 'illegal' and he has a 'foreign object' in his hand.  If Logan has to punch anyone, get Austin Theory out there to fail to get the chance to cash in and get knocked out to show Roman that Paul wasn't lying.

WWE Raw Women's Champion Bianca Belair vs. Bayley - Last Woman Standing Match.

Dave: With Bayley's teammates losing the tag belts on Monday, if this were a major PLE I could see them maybe doing a Title change.  But, it's not, and Bianca will have back up.  I see it getting crazy at the end and Belair leaving with the Title in a manner that makes it clear that these two are not done with each other (and will probably meet later in the month at War Games).

Mike: I think the time is right to flip the switch and do a title change here, but I'm not sold they will do it.  Bayley's work since returning has been great and entertaining, but they did just start the Nikki Cross stuff, so it's entirely possible that she gets involved and has a ripple effect on the finish - and I can see her helping Bianca win, only to then go all nuts on Bianca to set up the next program.  But, as long as they give them time, this should be nothing short of excellent.

Richard: If Bayley loses this one, how many more chances does she get before they can justify someone else challenging Bianca for the title?  Does a Bayley victory mean anything when you consider that after the return of her and Dakota and the main roster debut of Iyo, this group is as hot as Hit Row or Maximum Male Models.  Bayley will probably win, with help from her back up band, but it would make perfect sense for that to backfire and Bianca retains.  Nikki Cross was able to take care of all three members of the Bayley Brides (they don't deserve to be called the Bayley Bunch any more), how can Bianca not stop them?

Undisputed WWE Tag Team Champions The Usos vs. The Brawling Brutes.

Dave: At some point they have to pull the trigger on the strife in The Bloodline costing The Usos the belts but I don't see it happening here.  I expect a great match where the Usos come out with the straps.  The big question is will Sami Zayn finally go to Saudi Arabia?  I wouldn't if I were him.

Mike: I don't see them switching the belts here but I do see a strong tag team bout before Butch and Holland go down.

Richard:  I am glad that they are giving Butch and Ridge this chance, but I can't see the Usos losing yet.  It will happen at some point and I think this should be the team to do it (as of when I am writing this).  Since Sami has not done the other Saudi shows, I don't expect him to be there this time either.  Maybe it is time for little bro Solo to show how Uce-y he can be.

WWE Women's Tag Team Champions Alexa Bliss & Asuka vs. Dakota Kai & IYO SKY

Dave: I could see them doing a flip back but if it's me I don't do it here.  I could see miscommunication happening leading to the finish and then the former champs go nuts on the new champs, leading to War Games.

Mike: No reason for another title change here.  The match should be good.  

Richard:  Since they did the 'FOR NO FREAKING REASON SHOULD IYO AND DAKOTA HAVE ACCEPTED THE MATCH' title change on Monday, I really have no interest in this match.  Do you give the titles back to Bayley's Pips to make it seem like they matter or do you keep the titles on Alexa and Asuka because they are friends with Bianca?  Why not have a tease of Asuka maybe using mist only to have Iyo mist Alexa so we get another title change.

Brock Lesnar vs. Bobby Lashley.

Dave: Like Mr. T said in Rocky 3 when he was asked his prediction for his fight, "PAIN!"  That's what I see here, in the best possible way.  I want to see these two go at it.  I would book Bobby to go over since Brock attacked him first and cost him his Title.  Plus, Bobby is there every week and has really been elevated under Triple's booking regime.

Mike: Lashley should win.  Brock won't lose anything here because he's a made man but Lashley is the guy who has to help carry Raw.  An actual, knockout, drag-out, war of attrition that ends with a real win for Bobby only helps cement him for the future.

Richard:  The fewer 'wrestling moves' in this match, the more they will stay true to the build for this match.  This should be an all out brawl with Brock suplexing and F-5ing Bobby many times while Bobby goes for the Hurt Lock or spear as many times as possible.  Once Brock hits Defcon 2 on the Brock Lesnar Color Wheel, it will be time for this to end.  I give the win to Bobby because he will be on Raw and then Brock can go back to Saskatchewan until January to build his Royal Rumble appearance.

The Judgment Day vs. AJ Styles & Karl Anderson & Luke Gallows.

Dave: This would be a great place to debut whoever the woman is that is going to be on Styles' side (I would love to see Doudrop go back to being Piper Niven and be that person, she's soooooo good).  If it's me, Rhea Ripley costs Styles' team the match and the woman then debuts to face off with Rhea after the match.  That could lead to a War Games match where Rhea could be involved and would (in theory) only fight the woman.

Mike: We are setting up a Wargames for later in the month, so to me, Judgment Day HAS to go over in a big way here.  Then, Styles and friends can go to Rey and Edge and ask them to team with them at Survivor Series.

Richard:  Is there a way to have Rhea take BDomSMinik Guerrero's spot in the match?  Will Karl be able to deal with the fact that he could have been wrestling in Japan on Saturday instead of Saudi Arabia?   I am looking forward to AJ's involvement in the match for his team.  Do we see Rey during the match or someone to try to neutralize Rhea Ripley (who you cannot stop or even hope to contain).  Give THE Judgment Day the win to set up the possibility of their War Games match.

Karrion Kross vs. Drew McIntyre in a Steel Cage match.

Dave: Kross' promo on last week's Smackdown while he was choking out Madcap Moss was awesome.  He needs the win here so I put him over.  With Scarlett around, there are plenty of ways to book it and keep Drew strong.

Mike: My guess is Kross wins after Scarlett interferes, perhaps slamming the cage door into Drew's face, allowing Karrion to climb out.

Richard:  With everything that Kross has done to Drew and vice versa, I was expecting this to be a Hell in a Cell match, not a standard steel cage.  Is that because we have War Games in three weeks?    Will Scarlett be involved in the match in any way?  If so, maybe that is what allows Kross to get the win.  Drew is not going to be in the 'chasing Roman' group at this point so he doesn't need the win.  Set up Kross versus Roman for the next time Roman defends the title (assuming he can get past Logan).

Omos vs. Braun Strowman.

Dave: Do I expect this to be good?  No.  Do I want to see what happens?  Oh yeah.  This could be a trainwreck and probably will be.  Braun means way more so I would put him over.  Omos still needs soooooo much work.

Mike: They wanted a spectacle.  They got it.  Omos loses.

Richard:  Not since Silo Sam versus Giant Gonzalez (not that I expect they ever wrestled) has there been a big man match that has this much anticipation.  Braun should win this easily That hope will diminish when the match happens and Braun should win.

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