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By Mike Johnson on 2022-11-03 11:02:00

AEW strongly teased that Saraya would announce she's medically cleared to wrestle on next week's Dynamite, which one would think then leads to her vs. Britt Baker at Full Gear in Saraya's first match since December 2017.

The Jeff Jarrett debut last night got a lot of attention obviously.  We are told Jarrett was brought in via Washington, DC and hidden until his appearance.  The belief is he'll be working behind the scenes to help on some international plans.  Obviously, Jarrett had success with Impact for the Ring Ka King and India TV deals in the past.  Tony Khan teased additional live events for 2023, which one would think could indicate finally moving forward with international live dates.  On camera, this will obviously lead to Jarrett vs. Sting in some form.

We are told that Colt Cabana's appearance last night was currently planned as a one-off appearance and he remains on the Ring of Honor roster.  The moment was not about Cabana returning to AEW as a regular, but Chris Jericho beating another ROH name.    If you are asking if this was done to tweak CM Punk, no one's ever going to admit that.

MJF was not backstage at last night's Dynamite.

The Young Bucks, Don Callis and Kenny Omega were backstage last night.

Dan Lambert was at last night's taping.

If anyone is attending Rampage tomorrow in Atlantic City, we are seeking live reports.  Mike Tyson will be appearing and we are told this could be leading to additional Tyson appearances if everything lines up right.

If you haven't seen it, the AR Fox vs. Rey Fenix bout from this week's AEW Dark - Elevation is worth going out of your way to see.   We are told the Dante Martin vs. Eli Isom bout from last night's Elevation taping was really good as well.

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