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By Dave Scherer on 2022-10-31 10:00:00

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I stopped watching WWE when Becky got hurt, and before that I only  watched for her. Vince’s booking made me really dislike many of the wrestlers, which of course is not their fault. I know things are better now with HHH in charge, but I still cant get into it, except Roman’s storyline (I love Paul Heyman). What  are your favorite storylines currently? I really only know Roman’s.

The Bloodline storyline is by far the best thing in wrestling right now, but it’s not the only thing.  Bray Wyatt’s return has been great.  The Brutes vs. Imperium stuff is awesome.  I could go on.  Both shows are solid now and most weeks Smackdown is excellent.

Why do you think the AEW investigation is taking so long? It seems like they are only investigating a 10-15 minute incident. 

It is probably over now that the EVPs appear to be back.  Why did it take so long?  Only Tony Khan can answer there.  My gut feeling is that he just didn’t want to deal with it and wanted it to blow over so he did nothing for a while.  To me, the whole thing is a farce (especially if the report that they didn’t interview Ace Steel’s wife, who was an eyewitness to the events, is true).  What no one is disputing is that The Young Bucks burst into the locker room without permission.  If they were just wrestlers, that would be one thing but despite some outlets best efforts to ignore the fact, they are EVPs and that changes the whole dynamic of the situation.  As officers of the company they threw gasoline on a match when their duty was to diffuse the situation.  They should face the same penalty that Punk does but clearly Tony doesn’t want to do that so it sure seems to me like he just did nothing and let the situation blow over before he brought his friends back and excised Punk.  Once again, the inmates run the AEW asylum.

The Bucks and Kenny are back so the “investigation” is over. I think the whole thing is a farce, especially if the report is true and the “investigators” didn’t even talk to Ace Steel’s wife.  How can they call it an investigation when they didn’t interview everyone that was there?

Just like you can skew numbers to tell the story that they want to tell, investigators can do the same thing.  For instance, IF and note I said IF, Tony already decided that he wanted rid of Punk and wanted to bring back his EVPs, well he could skew the investigation to make that the outcome.  It wouldn’t have mattered though since Khan never informed the fans about the investigation in the first place, let alone its results.  Here’s the thing, and it’s ironic since Tony is supposed to be a smart fan and know what smart fans want, he should have been transparent about this who thing and announced the findings.  But as usual, he just did nothing.  So the next time something like this happens, it will be all his fault.  He has set the culture backstage in AEW and unless he becomes an actual boss, like Vince McMahon was, the inmates will continue to run the asylum.  That seems to be OK with him as long as he can book wrestling and be with his friends.

Do you think there’s a concerted effort to smear CM Punk that’s going on among the EVP’s, Jericho, and some reporters or am I being too conspiratorial with that reach?

I definitely think the EVPs want Punk gone, for a few reasons.  One, if they make him the villain in the fight, they can pretend to be the heroes (which in the case of The Bucks for sure, they are most certainly not).  Two, Punk made it clear he thought that the EVPs were hurting the company so I would think they would want to get him away from Tony Khan.  As for Jericho, much like the Larry The Dog Was Hit By The Door story, we didn’t hear a word about Jericho supposedly reading Punk the riot act until now.  Frankly, I don’t believe either thing happened.  What I think has happened is that information from the EVPs’, Punk’s and Jericho’s sides have been fed to at least one reporter who will run pretty much anything unchecked.  The talents know who they can work and they do a great job of working them.

A lot of people strongly dislike the Young Bucks but I’ve never heard of any specific examples of things they have done to make people dislike them so much.  It seems like people dislike them as wrestlers and as people. Also, why do you call The Young Bucks the Lollipop Guild?

I never disliked them personally before AEW.  I hated most of their matches.  Here you have two really small guys that wrestle like they are The Road Warriors.  They have indy, pinball matches which are just unbelievable to me, that’s why I call them The Lollipop Guild, because they are like the little guys from Wizard of Oz.  They do spots that take forever to set up and are totally unrealistic both in the time it takes to do them and also that they often are doing them to bigger, stronger men.  When I watch their matches I just see a performance, not a match.  I get that a lot of people love them and that’s great, but I can’t get into them.  Since they became AEW wrestlers I just don’t like a lot of the things that they have done.  I will leave it at that.

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