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By Mike Johnson on 2022-10-28 22:31:00

Boxing legend and WWE Hall of Famer Mike Tyson will return to AEW next week on Rampage, which is emanating from Atlantic City's Boardwalk Hall, the site of some of Tyson's biggest victories.  Tyson will be appearing as part of the announcing team.

Tyson has made several appearances in AEW in the past, as an enforcer in the inaugural AEW TNT Championship bout before feuding with and later backing Chris Jericho.

Tyson is a lifelong wrestling fan, especially fond of Superstar Graham and the late Bruno Sammartino.  He famously was the guest referee when Steve Austin won the WWF Championship at Wrestlemania XIV, a storyline that helped change the trajectory of the Monday Night War in the 1990s.  Tyson also wrestled once on Monday Night Raw, teaming with Chris Jericho against Shawn Michaels and Triple H in November 2010.    He was inducted into WWE's Hall of Fame in 2012. is told this may not be just a one-off appearance for Mike Tyson in AEW and that the deal for Tyson to appear was put together just a few days ago.

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