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By Dave Scherer on 2022-10-24 10:00:00

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So, I do agree, AEW has too many title belts.  If ROH got its own distribution and peeled off it would help a little, but yes too many belts.  I did notice that this Friday, (10/21) Rush and 10 are having a three way with Orange Cassidy for whatever that title is called.  What if AEW did that with it?  Made it like a gimmick match title, kind of like how NJPW uses the 'King of Wrestling' title?  NJPW also in my opinion has too many belts, and I at least think this is a unique one at least.

Honestly?  It does not for me.  Belts should never be comedy or a gimmick in my world.  I loathe the 24-7 Title and Money In The Bank/AEW’s chip for that reason.

We’ve gotten to see a lot of the ROH roster lately and it makes me think that Tony is introducing them again bc Rampage is going to become ROH weekly. The current Rampage numbers are blah anyway, and calling it Ring of Honor, rebranding it, and having Jericho leading the charge would be the best bet versus wedging another hour in on Tuesday or Thursday. What do you think?

That could be his plan but I have to think TNT signed AEW for that time slot, not ROH.  If there was a national TV audience for ROH Sinclair would have found it and kept the company rather than selling it.  Plus, if I am being honest Tony doesn't seem to have any idea how to run Ring Of Honor.  He is running it the way that Vince McMahon ran ECW.  He isn’t the guy to run that storied property in my opinion.

In the infamous media scrum, Punk said that he was this massive draw and was bringing the most eyes to the product; despite the Elite in particular holding the company back from what it could be with him in the driver’s seat.  Don’t the numbers after the suspensions totally contradict that? They’ve had a record-setting run in the ratings, big gate numbers, etc. with Dynamite. Even with the storyline scrambling Tony had to do, it didn’t seem to me that they have suffered at all- do you agree? Do you think Punk in particular realizes that he probably isn’t as important as he seems to think he is?

It’s too soon to say.  AEW has benefit most weeks from a strong lead-in from Big Bang.  They have seen hundreds of thousands of viewers leave from the opening quarter hour to the last one for most of the last two months (with the exception being the weeks they were determining the new champion).  This past week the number was over 400,000 (that is not a typo).  The EVPs saw over 200,000 people tune out for Kenny Omega’s return and the Trios tournament, which featured all three.  So Punk had a point about meaning more than them.  Right now, people are tuning in for the opening segment and then leaving.  They lost 238,000 viewers from the opening segment to the second one on Tuesday.  That is crazy.  It could be that since AEW hasn’t announced anything about Punk’s status, people are tuning in at the start and when he’s not there, they leave (and it could be why the never-ending investigation into the post PPV events involving him and the EVPs are moving slower than a hibernating turtle).  At some point a decision will have to be made about Punk and his AEW status.  I think that is when we will have a better idea of what he means to the company as a draw for AEW.

Do you think Tony Khan is the modern day version of Herb Abrams?

Sometimes I do get that vibe from Tony but I don't think he is THAT bad.  I think he has a product that could turn around in a second if he just gave up the booking and hired someone capable to fill the role.  Plus, he has the money to overcome a lot of mistakes so he's not quite least not yet.

Any idea where the term “mark” originated?

It started back in the carnival days, many moons ago.

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