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By Mike Johnson on 2022-10-28 10:01:00

Any updates on the Tammy Sytch legal fronts?

Nothing major.  Her criminal case in Florida has a pre-trial hearing on 12/8.  There are depositions ongoing in the civil case brought against Sytch and her fiancee, but no court dates that I have seen.  There's been no movement I am aware of on her cases in New Jersey.

If you could see one wrestler come out of retirement (safely), who would it be?

I'd be down for one last Jushin Liger match if he wanted to do it and it would mean something. 

What are the odds we see Black Adam vs. Peacemaker?  On screen or in the ring?

On film or TV?  I think it's a guaranteed thing that at some point, we will see those characters cross paths.  In WWE as THOSE personalities?  I don't see it happening as they are WB Discovery-owned characters and I think NBC Universal could take issue with it.

I've subscribed to Impact Plus and I am watching old shows.  I am wondering, who the hell were the Johnsons in TNA?

Michael and Todd Shane, who later went on to appear as The Gymini in WWE.

Do you think Eva Marie comes back under the WWE's new management?

I think it's an open door for everyone if they have the right idea and agreements can be made.  It would HAVE to be better than the last time Eva was in the company, where the booking for her was pretty awful.

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