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By Dave Scherer on 2022-10-16 10:00:00

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Did you see what Ariel Helwani said about his interview with Tony Khan?

Yes, I did.  I don’t blame him a bit.  If Tony wanted to do his work stuff, he should have just gone on Busted Open.  The fact that he wouldn’t even say if the MJF situation was a work or not was embarrassing and it only got worse when MJF sat down with Sam Roberts and told the whole story.  I don’t blame Ariel one bit.  I would never interview Tony again if I were him.  Tony was really petulant in that interview.  You can see him comments at about 37 minutes in on the video below.

Did you ever have an interview that went that badly?

I did, with Chris Jericho.  He was promoting something, I forget what, and he agreed to come on the site and talk about it.  And then, he was even worse than Khan was.  I would never bother to attempt to interview him again.

Recently you had a question about AEW possibly having too many titles and it got me thinking about the NWA on TBS when I first started watching wrestling in 1986. Everyone looks back at the 6:05 era fondly. Just off the top of my head of what I can remember seeing on the 6:05 show, you had the NWA World Title, TV title, National title, US title, Mid Atlantic title, Central States title, Florida title, World Tag titles, National Tag titles/US Tag titles, Six man title(trophy), Junior Heavyweight title, UWF World title, UWF TV Title and I am sure I am missing something.  To some extent, the Midnight Express used the US Tag Titles later as a way to get over even though this was an extra set of tag titles. Cornette has the same opinion as you do about the too many titles in AEW, but no one criticizes all the titles back in the day. Sometimes half the people on the show had a belt back in the day. Did you think back then that there were too many titles or was there another way to think about having all those titles back then that just doesn't make sense in modern wrestling?

Some of the belts came when Crockett bough the UWF but yes, there were too many belts even before that.  To me, less is more has always been the way to go.

Not a question but maybe the problem is they've got Frank Drebin (the late great Leslie Nielsen) in charge of the case and evidence collecting for the Punk EVP investigation.

Well, considering Leslie Nielsen is dead, that very well may be who in control of this farce.  It’s been six weeks or so and nothing.  It was a few minute situation one room.  Something should have been decided by now.  And, maybe it has been.  As we just noted above, Tony Khan isn’t the most forthcoming person where AEW backstage situations are concerned.

I recently read here in the Q&A column that Tony Kahn said that Jeff Hardy can return after he completes rehab. But honesty, shouldn’t he just release Jeff? Personally, I think AWE, WWE, as well as Impact Wrestling would all be foolish to even consider bringing him back again. I get that he’s a big name and all, but looking back at the last 15 years or so, I have to say that he’s been given enough chances now. Completing rehab doesn’t guarantee anything.

I won’t tell him what he should or shouldn’t do with Jeff.  A case could be made for bringing him back and also not bringing him back.  If it’s me, he would have to stay clean for a year at least before I brought him back if it were me.

You can send us questions for the Q and A at

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