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By Mike Johnson on 2022-10-20 10:00:00

What happens if WWE wants to induct Saraya or Chris Jericho or someone to the Hall of Fame but they are under contract to AEW?

One of several things.  One, they wait until those talents are free.  Two, they try to make a deal with AEW as they did to get Ric Flair for the Four Horsemen induction while he was under contract to Impact Wrestling years ago.  Or three, they don't get inducted at that time.

The AEW spoilers posted today said that Hikaru Shida wrestled Venessa Kraven. Is this the same Kraven from the Canadian scene and that competed 8n the May Young Tournament?   I was under the impression she had retired several years ago after a major leg injury.

It was indeed the same talent.  She retired in 2018 and began taking independent bookings in April 2022 again.

Are there certain things Cody Rhodes can't talk about publicly about his tenure as an EVP at AEW because he's tied down to a non-disclosure agreement?

I've never heard there was an NDA but even if there wasn't, what's the point of him talking about his AEW tenure while working for WWE now?  He wants fans to invest in what he's working on now, not what happened before.  It's counter-productive to do otherwise.  If he ever, say, writes a book on his career and wants to recount the events, that's a different story.  Cody did a long media scrum after signing with WWE and spoke in positive terms about his time with AEW.  I don't imagine that months later, that story is going to change.

Is there another ROH PPV coming?

AEW has announced Final Battle for Texas in December.

Why would AEW spend weeks building Saraya and then she disappears off Dynamite without a trace?

She was scheduled to go home to England before she came to the company, that's why.  She even announced it on her Twitter that she was returning for the following week.....and she did.

What happened to the new Eric Bischoff book that was announced?

It's being released next month and is titled Grateful.  For more, check out


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