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By Dennis Patterson on 2022-10-13 21:25:00

Jim Ross, Excalibur, Tony Schiavone and William Regal on commentary.

Everyone in Canda loves some JR as he's introduced.

Tony Khan is introduced to a good reaction and is happy to be in Canada.

The Butcher and Blade with the Bunny vs. Claudio and Moxley. The building is on their feet for Mox's entrance. Things quickly go to the outside. Blade taking a ton of punishment early before Bunny steps in to help turn things around and get the advantage for her team. The heels are working over Claudio cutting off the ring and double teaming him with quick tags. Finally Mox is back in and beating up anything that moves. He hits a superplex on Blade with a followed up pile driver for 2. Claudio saves Moxley from a double team and then they hit double clotheslines, stomps and then Claudio with the pin on Butcher.

They did briefly show Adam Page in the back watching on a monitor during this match.

After the match Mox and Claudio cut a promo about how tough they are and wanting to take on Adam Page.

Swerve and Keith Lee are interviewed by Renee in the back.  Swerve is laughing at the stuff Sterling pulled.  Keith Lee is asking why they needed to cheat to beat anyone.  More Tension between them, perhaps?

Renee interviews the Dark Order. Ten vs. Rush next week and if Ten wins then those guys leave Dark Order alone for good.    Stu Grayson returned.

Jericho is introduced and it seems like they're actually letting Judas play this time. The JAS is with him. Anna Jay introduces Daniel Garcia. The crowd is cheering him.  The crowd is calling him a wrestler but cheering him for this stuff. Apparently when Jericho hit him with the belt, it taught him that Sports Entertainers beat pro wrestlers every time. Out comes Dalton Castle with The Boys!!! Dalton is freaking awesome here and challenges Jericho. Yes Jericho is a silly little goose and Dalton did break his back for Ring of Honor. It's official, next week Jericho vs Dalton Castle for the ROH title.

Anna Jay vs. Nyla Rose with Vickie Guerrero and Marina Shafir is next. After some early offense Nyla misses the cannonball in the corner and Anna is in control. Anna is showing off a bit and working over Nyla. The crowd has been really quiet for this match because both women are heels but Anna is really good here and Nyla is impressive physically.  Nyla with a comeback and the crowd is into it. Momentum goes back to Anna and she puts on a sleeper before getting caught coming off the top rope and hit with a powerboat. Nyla Rose wins. Vickie holds up a 1-0 sign before Jade and the Baddies come down. Jade beats down security while Nyla escapes with the TBS title belt.

Isaiah Kassidy vs. Ethan Page is next. Stokely gets in Kassidys face outside before Matt Hardy steps in.  Ethan Page quickly gets the win and a standing ovation, since he's home in Canada.

Mark Henry Introduces the main event.  Spears and FTR vs The Embassy.  Shawn Spears is out first.  Lots of 10 chants. FTR comes out next to lots of cheers. Mild boos for The Embassy. If only we knew more about the guys with Cage this might mean more to the crowd. FTR make holding the tag rope look good.  Spears starts off the match and then tags in Cash. Embassy guys one and two are working over Cash. Spears gets back in and fights back.  Cage tries to interrupt the 10 punches in the corner but gets tossed aside for his troubles. Spears dives on The Embassy but gets beaten up when his back is turned.  Cage uses his power to work over Spears. They continue to beat down Spears with triple teams and a senton on the ring apron. Dax breaks up a pin by Cage and finally Spears counters. Dax gets the HOT tag and takes over before Cage with a cheap shot from behind. Spears breaks up a pin after a Cage flying elbow but Cage still on control.  Dax and Cash with simultaneous sharpshooters before Speers gets prince Nana in one of his own.  Broken up by the remaining Embassy guy.  Spears hits a Death Valley Driver for the win.

Maria Kanellis and The Kingdom come out to challenge FTR! Maria is great here.  People here knew who Matt Taven and Mike Bennett are. All the heels beat down FTR and Spears but Samoa Joe & Wardlow to the rescue. Heels scatter and back up the ramp. That's where the logos come up and I'm sure the show is really over.

Dax gets on the mic and says The Kingdom is what you get when you order FTR on  Dax says he loves Toronto.  Dax encourages the crowd saying if he can succeed ,we can too.  They're going to drink some tequila soon.  This has been a great main event and great show.  Spears says he hates having to follow FTR. Spears says he recognizes there's been some speculation about where he has been and his future.  Two months, ago his mother passed away.   He calls his mom a perfect ten and the crowd is chanting for her.  Spears continues saying he's glad his mom found out he's going to become a father before she passed. Spears says if he can be half the father Dax is, then he'll be okay.  This is truly heartwarming. Huge AEW chant!

Samoa Joe says Toronto is all elite. Top Guys out and that's the show!

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