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By Dave Scherer on 2022-10-11 10:00:00

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How will Rhea Ripley get her comeuppance? I remember when Steph was slapping everyone with no consequence. Rhea is interfering in matches with clotheslines, yanking off the apron and throwing into objects. She's an imposing figure that is bigger than Rey, but no matter how imposing you can't retaliate against her. Will she face the wrath of anyone?

Even before Extreme Rules, it was pretty obvious to me that Beth Phoenix would get involved.  It just seemed natural and obvious.

Although he who cannot be named (Benoit) will never be inducted into the hall of fame, I always see people saying Nancy should be considered. Could you see her be inducted, maybe not in the main hall but as a legacy? Or will it invite too many uncomfortable questions for them?

I think if she is at all, it will be as a legacy but to your last question, it just feels like it would bring attention that the company understandably does not want.

I realise this is a slightly specious question, but regarding contract signings for PPV bouts held on the last TV show before the PPV, isn't this fundamentally flawed in principle? They've been promoting and building the match on TV for weeks  but they only sign the contract at the last minute - shouldn't the contract signing be the first stage of the process and you build it from there? I know the answer is "because wrestling logic is self-contained" but this perplexes me.

You are right on the money.  In the real world, the contract would be signed first, not last.  It's definitely a wrestling trope that makes zero sense.

Okay, so I know he is over 50 years old. My question is, how do you view him, in the overall status as a wrestler, who has served in multiple promotions (Smoky Mountain, ECW, WCW, WWE, AEW), without ever being out due to injury for any more than six months? He has continually reinvented himself, and has done work outside the ring (Fozzy, game shows). So basically, what would his legacy be, in the overall wrestling world, as you see it? As in, when do you see him in the WWE HoF?

I have always looked at Jericho as a 1-A.  He can be the champion and carry the company for a while, but he’s not a Mount Rushmore discussion guy.  That isn’t an insult either.  As the WWE Hall Of Fame is set up, he is totally worthy.  When he gets in, or if he gets in, depends on him at this point I think.  It won’t happen as long as he is in AEW, obviously.

Andrade and Sammy Guevara get into a fight backstage at Dynamite.  Andrade gets sent home, which I have no issue with, while Sammy, who according to every report I've seen is the one who started the fight, or at least the physical part, seemingly gets rewarded by having a match in the main event, where he's the one to score the pin.  What kind of message is Tony Kahn sending to the locker room with this?

Some reports said Sammy didn’t fight back at Dynamite but his tweets definitely stoked the fires.  They both should have been disciplined, for sure.  But, Sammy is Tony’s friend so……That’s exactly why the boss shouldn’t

be friends with the talent.  The message he sent the wrestlers was a bad one.  Again.  I would go on further but Tony clearly likes being pals with the wrestlers so why bother.

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