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By Kendall Jenkins on 2022-10-05 15:05:00

Since its inception, the crypto exchanges is seeing various shifts in terms of prices. Therefore, it would not be wrong to state that cryptocurrencies are never stable with their price. So, if volatility is the normal thing, then 2022 undoubtedly was a roller-coaster ride for bitcoin. The first digital currency – bitcoin –witnessed a lot of ups and downs last year. 

Everything that happened in 2022 has completely changed the world’s outlook on bitcoin and cryptocurrencies at large. Undoubtedly, 2022 will always be an important part of bitcoin’s history so far. 

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The taproot upgradation of Bitcoin 
The blockchain technology was efficient enough to keep itself safe from scammers. However, it again had gone through upgradation of the blockchain. This program took as long as four years to be completed. The upgradation of the blockchain has also made transactions faster and smoother. 

El Salvador accepted bitcoin transactions 
It has been a matter of debate for a long time whether bitcoin would be legalized across the globe or not. However, the country El Salvador made their first move towards it and showed acceptance of bitcoin. The government of the country stated that it would be existing alongside the traditional US dollar. In fact, the banks would also be accepting it. 

The government also assessed that seventy percent of the country’s population lacks exposure to fiat currency or traditional finance. So, the decision would be very much beneficial for them. in fact, 550 bitcoins were collected by the government itself in the initial stages to make the process even smoother. 

Dark web users unmasked 
A lot has been going on for a long time to unmask the dark web users. At Qatar university, Doha, experts have executed long research in which they have shown how dark web users can be exposed and bitcoin has a lot to contribute to this matter. 

Bitcoin’s usage in the real estate industry
For a long time, bitcoins are being used by folks to buy houses. However, it was limited to that only. In the year 2022, schools and colleges are also being purchased in exchange of bitcoin which truly is a tremendous progression. In fact, payments for the fees of schools and colleges have also been allowed in some part of the world since 2022. 

It became 13th largest currency 
In this year, bitcoin also became the 13th largest currency in the entire world. It happened with the launch of Bitcoin ETF. The first time when it crossed the value of 66 thousand USD, the price was also increased in other famous cryptos such as Shiba Inu, Ether, Solana, and many others. This hiking price of the crypto is making its supporters highly believe that soon it will become the number one currency in the entire world. 

Elon Musk tweeted about it 
Probably there is not anyone who has not heard anything about tesla or the CEO of the same company Elon Musk. In 2022, Elon Musk tweeted several times posting how many potential bitcoins posses. In fact, around march, they also announced the big decision taken by tesla on the acceptance of bitcoin for their electrical vehicles. A large number of bitcoins were also bought by the company and Musk. 

Later, around November, the also announced as they were withdrawing their decision of making bitcoin as one of their payment methods. They blamed the pollution made by bitcoin mining for this. 

Bitcoin hit 68,000 USD 
This is the greatest news of all time when it comes to bitcoin. 2022 witnessed bitcoin hitting its all time high price which is 68,000. What is more exciting is that it did not stay at that high price for long because of the volatility of the market. but, it again reached that price in the same year and consequently one more time as well. so, bitcoin reached its height not once but thrice. 

Since the announcement from tesla, the price is moving downwards constantly; however, the enthusiasts are still in hope that the price of bitcoin will surely rise again. 


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