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By Dave Scherer on 2022-10-04 10:00:00

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Is Vince McMahon "retiring" the worst thing that could've happened for AEW?

No, the worst thing would be them losing their TV deal and not being able to get a new one.  That would be game over for the company.  But Triple H being in charge of creative definitely has put a lot of pressure on AEW.  There’s no doubt about it.  Khan was able to book to a more hardcore audience when Vince was booking like Vince.  HHH now books to the same audience and has been putting on really good TV so that has made things harder for AEW for sure.

Probably the wrong thing to focus on, but what was CM Punk drinking during the post-All Out media scrum?

Some kind of energy drink, I am not sure what.  I believe he said the name if you want to go back and watch.

I have heard that The Sandman has a respective and successful building business. Is that true, or was it true?

He definitely was in construction years back, in Utah.  He doesn’t do that any longer.

Do you see the Rey/Dominick storyline being like Kane/Undertaker ie. Rey will not fight his own flesh and blood, with a pay off at Mania?

I honestly have no idea where they are going with it and I love it.  The best thing about Vince McMahon no longer being in charge of the booking is that things aren’t predictable anymore.  I love that.

I have enjoyed the Sami/Bloodline storyline as of late. Have you enjoyed it, and where do you see it heading?

The Bloodline storyline is the best thing in wrestling to me.  It’s so well developed and can go in many ways.  Jey Uso is angry about Sami coming in.  Jey was the OG of the Bloodline so it’s understandable.  But Sami has become a face coming in so he has to choose to leave rather be evicted, like Edge was from Judgment Day, or it will fall flat.  Will he say “Enough” where it comes to Kevin Owens and turn that way?  Will Solo join him to take on his brothers for the Tag Belts?  Will both?  Or neither?  I can’t say but I can’t wait to find  out.

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