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By Dave Scherer on 2022-10-03 10:01:00

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If you love Triple H so much why don’t you marry him?

I can’t, he’s already taken.

Hi I am a huge fan of the site and have been a devoted wrestling fan since 1983. Even though there are periods where one show is better than the other dating back to the Monday night wars and beyond I will probably always watch everything as I am a lifelong fan. I always appreciated this site because of its unbiased opinions and not reporting rumors as facts. I just had a comment and this is one coming from a devoted fan and it’s not meant to be argumentative but lately it comes across particularly as if Dave and his q&a segments have become overwhelmingly anti-AEW, to the point where it is almost offputting as a fan. I am not one of the Internet wackos who doesn’t think anyone can have an opinion. I hope both shows prosper and I am a lifelong WWE fan. However since the advent of AEW it has injected new life into the wrestling world as for the last few years since about 2018 or so WWE has gotten pretty bad, and during the Covid area for about two years was almost unwatchable. Dave certainly has some valid points about AEW‘s booking, and no one should be criticized for liking one show over the other. But just objectively as a fan who reads this site daily it comes across almost as if he has a personal issue as almost on a daily basis all of his questions are really just pertaining to everything wrong with AEW. Where as Mike’s question and answers cover a broader range of topics. WWE is in much better shape since Triple H took over, but prior to that which is just a few months ago, coming from a lifelong WWE fan. You couldn’t pay me to sit through a three hour Raw, and even now due to lack of crowd reactions the show more often than not just comes across as boring. I am a big fan of the site and will always read, again this is not meant to be argumentative or overly critical, just an honest opinion from a devoted fan. Thank you for your time.

Here’s the deal.  People send me questions and I answer them.  I pretty much just go down the list in order and pick them as they come in.  I guess more people want my opinion on AEW than want Mike’s.  If you have been reading the site for a while, you would also know that there are times when I have said that AEW was the best product on American TV.  And until Paul Levesque took over WWE you NEVER saw me say that WWE the best.  Basically, for a lot of the last three years, it was a question of which show is the least dull for me.  Also, it seems like you are a free site reader so you don’t hear the audios.  If you did listen, you would get more in-depth analysis about what I think about AEW.  I have been pointing out the issues AEW has because far too many of my fellow “journalists” ignore them and that doesn’t help the product at all.  The irony is, those people say that they want AEW to succeed but they just basically kiss Tony Khan’s ass with their “reporting”.  If everything there was great, I would be saying that as well but it’s not.  When a show loses around 20 percent of their viewers on a weekly basis, as they did last month before the Title Tournament kept viewers interested, I can either say, “They were number one for the night on cable!” or I can say “They were number one for the night on cable but they have a disturbing pattern of viewer loss that needs to be addressed.”  The irony is I make the observations that I do because I want AEW to grow and get better.  To some people who don’t want to hear anything negative about a promotion that they love, that comes across as “attacking them”.  It’s not.  It’s being fair.  I want AEW to succeed.  It’s great for the business and MY business.  I know being brutally honest rubs some people the wrong way but I will always say what I think.  I won’t ever do my job any other way.

Do you know if the WWE will ever put up the old Superstars of Wrestling and Championship Wrestling from the 70’s and 80’s?  Do you know why they haven’t yet?

They may at some point but it costs time and money to put up content and WWE looks at it from that perspective.  They ask how much of an audience is there for forty plus year old content and honestly, there isn’t that much demand for it.

What was the general internal reaction to Clash at the Castle? Was it good enough that we could actually see a marque PVE like a Royal Rumble, SummerSlam or WrestleMania outside of North America? Has the case been made yet? If you don't feel so, what could trigger such an attempt by WWE?

From everyone I spoke to, they knew that the show was a home run.  The problem with running in the UK has never been monetary.  They know they will draw.  The problem is the time.  WWE doesn’t want to run their major shows in a time zone five hours ahead of the eastern and eight hours ahead in the western US.  Yes, they are a world wide company but the vast majority of their fan base is in the US.  They don’t want their big shows starting at 11 a.m. on the west coast.  With that said, I do expect them to run more events like that in the UK.  They would crazy not to.

"Appreciate Us"  sounds pretty close to “Acknowledge Me” doncha think?

Well, I would think that except both Chris Jericho and Tony Khan have both said that they don’t concern themselves with WWE does and they only focus on what they do so I don’t see any way that a group that calls themselves “Sports Entertainers” could possibly be ripping off WWE there do you?  Oh, and thanks a lot for making me the bad guy who picks on AEW again.  I guess I should have said, “Why no, those two things are NOTHING ALIKE!” and ignore the facts.

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