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By Adam Cardoza on 2022-09-30 16:27:00

Impact Wrestling


It’s the fallout from Victory Road and it’s Monster’s Balll tonight! Masha Slamovich vs Allie Katch? I asked for this assignment tonight!

Match 1: Bullet Club (Ace Austin & Chris Bey w/ Juice Robinson) vs Trey Miguel & Laredo Kid

Kid & Trey is a great tag and potential tag name. Bullet Club trying to stop this house party early but Ace is just getting out outworked. Bey with the distract gives Ace the edge he needs. Big back suplex for two. Bey in, smashes a backbreaker. Trey with the tag and he kicks the hell out of Bey. These men all know each other very well and the combos between them are great. Ace launches Bey into a cutter on Kid…Trey dropkicks him out of the air! Austin sent flying, Kid with a ridiculous suicide dive! Trey hits a springboard sunset flip powerbomb on Bey! Awesome! Kick out! How?!? Art of Finesse as Trey trips! Ace hits the Fold to secure the win! This was great fun!

Winners: Bullet Club

Backstage with Bhupinder Gujjar after his ladder match with Brian Myers last week for the Digital Media Championship. He’s got a broken nose, yeow. He’s cleared to compete next week and after last week’s taste of Gold, he’s entering himself in the Call Your Shot Gauntlet at Bound for Glory! 

Backstage with Frankie Kazarian, the new #1 contender for the X Division championship. He talks about proving that he could still hang in the X Division at Victory Road. He’s still got it, he’s still in the game, Mike Bailey is a great champion but Kazarian is coming for his belt.

Matthew Rehwoldt and Tom Hannifan are giving some hype but a fan comes out of nowhere from behind them with a rubber hand of some kind? Security quickly drags him off but that was weird. Meanwhile, we got backstage to see Allie Katch and Masha Slamovich locked in separate dark rooms without food & water to prep for their main event clash!

Match 2: Crazzy Steve vs Brian Myers (for the Digital Media Championship)

Steve is trying to eat up the champ, literally. Myers isn’t hanging well with Crazzy Steve’s pure aggression. Neck twist, flying cannonball, kick out! Myers finally lands a pair of head kicks and plants him with a ddt. Kick out and Steve is right back up. He’s biting! Upside down! Myers uses the ref as a shield, poke to the eye, Myers hits the roster cut for the win. Booooooo!

Winner: Brian Myers

Myers on the mic. He’s turned this into the most prestigious championship in Impact. Where’s the challenge? Where are the stars gunning for his head? At Bound For Glory, he’s issuing an Open Challenge!

Backstage with Johnny Swinger and Zicky Dice. We look to be prepping for another Wrestle House angle (even Swinger says “I don’t think anyone watched Wrestle House 2”)….but Taya Valkyrie and Jessika come through and say what I’m thinking “what the hell is going on here”. 

Now we’ve got a soap opera segment where Joe Hendry steals an entire family’s inheritance and they party with him in celebration. o_O

Backstage with Rosemary and Father James Mitchell. Rosemary is upset that Jessika is acting like a human. She wants Jessika GONE and Havok BACK! They come around the corner, Taya loves Jessika! She’s fun! Rosemary wants a warrior! Jessika knows who she is and has been trying to prove herself to Rosemary. They need Rosemary to believe in them. Is she in or out? 

Match 3: Black Taurus vs Delirious

Yep, I am HERE for this match. No entrances. We go right back to the arena and the bell is ringing. Delirious goes RIGHT at him. Taurus getting smashed into all the buckles but he can’t power over the big bull. Delirious tries to rip the nose ring! Snap powerslam from Taurus! Delirious with TEN running leg drops! Taurus catches him with a tilt a whirl backbreaker. Samoan drop! Delirious throwing hard shots but Black Taurus blasts him with a folding piledriver. This was a lot of fun. 

Winner: Black Taurus

Backstage with Bobby Fish. He’s here to pick a fight, specifically with Josh Alexander. Josh has business with Eddie Edwards first…so Fish is entering himself in the Call Your Shot Gauntlet. Whoever wins at Bound for Glory, Fish promises to be waiting.

Backstage with Mia Yim. She’s got a match with Mickie James at Bound for Glory. Mia admits her and Mickie have years of history, and they show an old video of their clash at Maryland Championship Wrestling, where James came out on top over an upstart Yim. Mia says she respects Mickie so much that she won’t hold back. Gisele Shaw says if she couldn’t do it, there’s no chance Mia can. Mia says she can definitely get the job done against Gisele NEXT WEEK!

Honor No More is out here in the arena as a show of force. Victory Road WAS a good night for Honor No More but it wasn’t all roses. PCO lost to the Motor City Machine Guns. Eddie says PCO failed HNM and is right in the Frenchmonster’s face. Edwards says PCO is only allowed to step when he says it’s okay. PCO looks like he might rage so Vincent puts a bag over his head to calm him down. Taven rails against Impact Wrestling for not supporting them….but they are the tag champs now. He says Eddie Edwards will pin Josh Alexander AGAIN. Maria points out that Eddie won clean over a fresh Alexander…not like Moose, who picked bones a year ago. Maria has a video package for Edwards of win at Victory Road. Every possible camera angle is covered. Edwards is touched and says he’s doing this for the Righteous ones of HNM. Josh Alexander is out here. He thinks Edwards is delusional. Everyone in HNM is scared of being overlooked or deemed insignificant. This is a fight for Josh. This isn’t about Impact. This isn’t about an imaginary war. This is about finding out who is the best. Edwards promises to forcibly open Alexander’s eyes to the truth in eight days. HNM is his family who has his back. Alexander dismissed them as leeches that Edwards pulled off the unemployment line. YEOW. Alexander isn’t alone, he has Impact Wrestling and the fans behind him. Edwards dares him to come fight them all and the champ obliges. The numbers game IS against him! Rich Swann and Heath get it there to help but it’s not enough. Motor City hit the ring! The fight is evened up and we are getting the scheduled tag match!

Match 4: PCO & Vincent vs Rich Swann & Heath

PCO is just unloading on Swann in the opening minutes. Vincent in with a back toss and a sliding facebuster. Heath in and taking control. Big powerslam to Vincent for two. PCO breaks up a pin on Vincent. Clothesline to Heath out of the ring! PCO gets his wrist caught in the ropes briefly. Swann with a head kick and Phoenix splash to Vincent and the monster isn’t back in time. Another L for HNM.

Winners: Swann & Heath

Backstage with Moose. He’s mad that Steve Macklin won at Victory Road over him and Sami Callihan. Moose is headed to the Call Your Shot Gauntlet too! Macklin here and in his face, they brawl as we cut to commercial. 

Backstage with Scott D’Amore & Sami Callihan. Sami wants to do Barbed Wire Massacre again! Scott says Sami isn’t cleared to wrestle until B4G. Scott is annoyed by everyone so next week it’s Moose vs Macklin…and Sami is the referee!

We go to the hallways as Masha Slamovich and Allie Katch have been released from their 24-hours of seclusion and starvation. It’s time for the main event!

Main Event: Masha Slamovich vs Allie Katch (Monster’s Ball)

Masha and Allie both are adjusting to the lights of the arena. Trading hard forearms and clotheslines, both unwilling to budge. A war of trash can lids! Katch with hard shots to the dome! OW. Masha got a chain, pulls it back into her mouth. Allie gets smacked in the back of the head with a road sign! Cut up Allie’s mouth with a metal sign! Masha is biting! The crowd is starting to chant for Allie to get back into this! Allie swings for the fences and donks Masha right in the face, avoiding a cowbell to the head! Masha with an air raid crash into the corner! Masha sent into the stairs and Allie cuts her up with a soda can! Suplex to the ramp! Both ladies are busted open! Katch avoids the door in the corner and getting mad! The crowd really wants someone to go through that door! Masha hits a reverse ddt, whiff on a chair swing, Masha hits a suplex to the chair! Masha with a kick to the back of the head and DVD through the chair! Masha heads up too but Allie blasts her with a lid! Superplex! DVD through the door and the crowd goes wiiiiiiild! Masha kicks out but looks like roadkill. Allie trying an apron piledriver….Masha with a headbutt to the stomach! Trading punches on the apron, Masha biting…side Russian leg sweep through a table below them at ringside! Masha has a little black bag…oh you know what’s next…oh yes indeed it’s tacks. Masha takes a mouthful of tacks and spits them out! Allie hits a stiff knee…piledriver into the tacks! Masha kicks out! Allie upends a bunch of cut up soda cans and drills Masha with a trash can! Masha just takes it! Back fist! Headkick! Spinning heel kick! Masha hits a snow plow into the tacks and cans to get the win! This was a lot of fun but I only think Allie lost because she wasn’t allowed to have her KNIFE. ;D

Winner: Masha Slamovich

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