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By Steven Fernandes on 2022-09-28 18:54:00 is reporting Dave Bautista will star in action/thriller Cooler, which he will also produce. This is the first project to come from the recently announced first look deal between Bautista's Dogbone Entertainment and FilmNation's production label Infrared. 

The film follows "a South Beach bouncer Ray Sagona, played by Bautista, who is on the brink of finding redemption and getting his family back. But when a drug-filled safe is stolen from the club he works at, Ray is blackmailed into finding it before the Miami PD narcotics bureau comes to retrieve it on Sunday night. Now, as his past and present collide in ever-more dangerous ways, Ray must survive an epic 36-hour odyssey across Miami Beach to get that safe back… one final Herculean task on his journey towards absolution."

Production is expected to start Summer of 2023, and will be written and directed by Drew Pearce, who previously directed Bautista in Hotel Artemis. 




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