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By Mike Johnson on 2022-09-28 09:31:00

Dan Henry, best known in professional wrestling as ring announcer Dan Masters, passed away unexpectedly yesterday while in El Salavador, is extremely sad to report.  The eary word making the rounds among his friends is that Henry passed following a car accident.  He had just posted video on his Facebook of him taking a helicopter ride in the country and right before leaving noted that friends asked him how he could afford to travel to which he responded, "You can't afford NOT to!"

Masters' passing was announced earlier today by his older brother Shawn.

Henry had been around professional wrestling for several decades, doing everything from ring announcing to interning for the late Dusty Rhodes' Turnbuckles Championship Wrestling to then-WWE developmental Deep South Wrestling to working behind the scenes for WOW - Women of Wrestling during one of its earlier incarnations. 

As Dan Masters, he was all over the place, working endless independent promotions and tirelessly networking and strategizing in order to try and make it to the next level.  It wouldn't be uncommon to hear he was backstage at a WWE event in Los Angeles with Rob Van Dam and then 12 hours later, see him walking into an MLW show in Philly, having taken a redyeye flight right after the WWE show ended, just because he wanted to see if he could make connections with management there and then fly right back to LA the next day.

Over the course of his career, Henry, as Dan Masters was the ring announcer for Championship Wrestling for Hollywood and also at times provided commentary for the Dave Marquez promotion.  He worked for a litany of West Coast promotions, the most recent incarnation of Ring Warriors as well as tons of Georgia independents.  Beyond professional wrestling, Henry would do some broadcast journalism work and also ring announced for boxing and MMA events.  From a national television standpoint, WOW would have likely have been the most notable TV series he worked.

Masters was a character, and I mean that in the best sense of the word.  He built and maintained friendships with everyone and was quick to pass on information on talents and promotions he felt were under the radar and deserved more attention.   He was a big support person for everyone you can think of in Georgia and California (where he resided) and would always turn up when you least expected it, in the middle of everything.  I always likened him to a real life Bobby Heenan, trying to squirm into everything he could with never-ending energy.  He was absolutely one of a kind and I am sad to think he won't be calling me in the dead of the night with some crazy story from his life.  

On behalf of everyone at, our deepest condolences to Dan "Masters" Henry's family, friends and fans.  

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