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By Mike Johnson on 2022-09-19 15:58:00

Court records indicate that the case revolving around former WWE NXT star Patrick Clark arrest on 8/20, which landed him charges of battery and trespassing on a property, has been closed.  A scheduled hearing on 9/28 has been listed as canceled. 

Court records indicate that prosecutors believed they did not have enough to go forward with a case against Clark and likely get a conviction, therefore the case was "not suitable for prosecution."

TMZ, citing police records, reported that Clark and an employee of a fitness gym in Orlando got into an altercation when the former Velveteen Dream was asked to exit an area of the gym that was about to be cleaned.state that Clark became "irate and argumentative" towards the employee and was ordered to leave the facility but instead threatened to kill the employee.   This sparked a physical fight, which saw Clark allegedly bite the man.  Clark was arrested after authorities found teeth marks on the men's "left chest near the left armpit." 

Clark plead not guilty and was released on $1200 bond.  That bond was released back to the person who put it on 9/9.

The arrest triggered a violation of an existing Clark probation stemming from a November 2021 arrest by The Alamonte Springs Police Department and charged with with possession of cocaine, use or possession of drug paraphernalia, destroying/altering/concealing physical evidence and having no lamps/illuminating devices in his vehicle.  Clark arrested for that violation and was jailed for 25 days in Seminole County, Florida.  He was released on 9/13.

Clark last wrestled for WWE NXT in December 2020 and was officially released in May 2021.   He has not wrestled since his WWE release.

Thanks to Richard Trionfo.

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