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By Dave Scherer on 2022-09-18 10:00:00

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I know you think that Kenny Omega and Bucks should lose their EVP roles, but what if they refuse? Could Tony Khan actually fire them?

I honestly don't think they were qualified to be EVPs in the first place but after the bad judgment that they showed in going into CM Punk's locker room uninvited, they definitely should be stripped of it now.  That was behavior unbecoming an officer in the company.  I am not sure what their contracts state.

With Hunter now in charge of creative, what are the chances that we finally get a WarGames match on the main roster?

I can't put odds on it but we know he loves the concept.  The question is does he want to keep it exclusive to NXT. I don't have the answer.

If the AEW backstage melee is resolved without any firings, how would you use Punk (if at all) over the next several months while he recovers from surgery? Would you use him on commentary? Would you have JR interview him? Onscreen coach for a younger talent? Chronicle his recovery from the injury? Or is it best to go radio silent with Punk until a big return?

It’s hard to say.  If Tony Khan doesn’t fire him, he is probably OK with what Punk did.  If that is the case, I think it would be up to Punk.  Would he want to travel while rehabbing?  I can’t say.  If he wants to just rehab I think they will just treat him like they did Kenny Omega and wait for him to return.

I seen people saying that Tony Khan should have stepped in during CM Punk’s rant at the AEW scrum. But to look at it from another angle, given how volatile, outspoken Phil Brooks is, was it not a wiser move to let him rant and Tony Khan could have dealt with it after the scrum. Hindsight is a fascinating thing and I’m sure Tony Khan could not have predicted his EVP’s would attack Punk in that matter

One, Tony is the boss.  If he couldn’t stop the tirade then he shouldn’t be in charge of the company.  With that said, if he thought it was best to let Punk rant, then he should have told the reporters he will be back in a few minutes and went off camera and addressed it with Punk.  He didn’t.  And to make it worse, after Chris Jericho told him about the fracas backstage, he kept talking with the reporters for the better part of a half hour.  He handled it all wrong.

What is the status of Sasha and Naomi with WWE?

There is nothing to report.  They could be signed but it hasn’t been confirmed.

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