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By Dave Scherer on 2022-09-05 10:00:00

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A few days ago, on his podcast Konnan mocked your website for "getting Thunder Rosa's injury wrong."  Then on his next show he said your story about her back being injured was correct, but never apologize for the things he said about your site.  What is your take on that?

I think it’s typical of the kind of person Konnan is.  A real man would own up to his mistake and do a mea culpa for going after the site when he was actually wrong.  I says it all about the type of person Konnan is to me.  I could say more but why bother?  He’s only Konnan.

I wasn’t sold at all on Liv Morgan.  I saw what you wrote in the Tip Sheet and it seems you agree to me.  She was awesome in her match at the Clash.  Did you view change?

In a word, yes.  They booked her better in one match than she has been booked since she came up.  It wasn’t ever that she isn’t super talented.  It was just that the former booker didn’t use her correctly.  Vince McMahon showed her to be lucky to have the belt.  At the Clash, they

Shouldn’t AEW seriously consider hiring Jeff Jarrett as booker/producer/showrunner/whatever? There are so few people in wrestling today who know how to run a weekly wrestling show/company in its entirety, and most of them either do that for themselves or work for the WWE. It would help to have an experienced voice who has been there and done that in nearly every aspect of the wrestling business on the team. Not to say that he’d fix AEW’s problems by himself (or wouldn’t introduce new ones) but it’d be stupid not to bring the guy in, right?

I like Jeff but believe me, it’s not that AEW is devoid of people with a deep understanding of the business and how it works.  Tony Khan wants to be the booker so it doesn’t matter who works as an assistant, Tony wants to control the process.  He said on his pre All Out presser that he thinks the build to the PPV has been great.  I don’t agree but if he thinks he is doing a great job I don’t see him wanting to change anything.

Of all the changes that have come since VKM’s departure, one of the best for me was to get rid of the “jiggle-zoom” camera! Now when I watch a match, I can see everything clearly! Thank you HHH :)

I don’t miss that either.  It never made any sense to me.

When asked about AEW beating NXT ratings, Paul Levesque commented they beat WWE’s developmental group. I had a suspicion he said this in such a way that he was baiting AEW fans and wrestlers. Well, Chris Jericho fell for it. But seriously, “NXT sucks … my boss has more money than your boss.” How old is this man, 12?

I don’t think Paul was baiting so much as getting in a grown up jab at a company that has been taking childish shots at WWE since their inception.  AEW is the group that lets former WWE talents come and do veiled shoot promos at their old employer.  AEW is the company that uses “sports entertainers” as a heel group.  Jericho just reacted like the thin skinned, whiny crybaby that he has become once he exited his mid life crisis.  When you whine that you don’t care about them, after ranting against them, you show what a hypocrite you are.  I think you are being kind saying he is acting like a 12 year old.  I was think 5 or 6.

At Clash At The Castle, Roman once again needed help to retain his titles.  To me, it happens so often, the question is not if, but when, The Usos, Paul Heyman, and now, Solo Sikoa, will interfere. Obviously I think the tactic is overused, but what is your opinion?  Or, as interference seems to be standard operating procedure, should Roman's future opponents bring their own help or backup? If you can't beat them, join them?

There is definitely a point where it happens too often but it’s not there yet for me.  At the Clash, I think that they had to go that way.  With the crowd so staunchly behind Drew, they had to give them a visual pin to make the end result more palatable.

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