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By Mike Johnson on 2022-09-02 23:11:00

As of tonight, WWE has a legitimate 54,000 tickets sold in advance for tomorrow's Clash at the Castle event in Cardiff, Wales.  There is hope that the show will have a big walkup as well if the weather holds out.  The local weather forecast is that it will rain Sunday on but there was concern there could also be inclement weather today.

WWE Hall of Famer Davey Boy Smith's daughter Georgia Smith (who has done some interviewer work for MLW in the past) is in Cardiff for the PPV.  She was spotted at the pop-up store for the event.

Drew McIntyre, who has been doing a ton of media for the event, has been seen with members of his family around town, so they came in from Scotland for the show.

There was a lot of happiness over the response to the free walk-through Undertaker attraction, which was set up inside a legitimate castle that was built in the area of 50 AD.   You can expect lots of similar events in the planning.

There are a lot of promotional flags and marketing material all over the city as well.

The PPV kicks off at 1 PM EST here in the United States with the Kickoff Show at 12 PM EST and a special edition of WWE's The Bump at 11 AM EST.  We'll have full coverage of the Clash at the Castle here on the site.

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