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By Mike Johnson on 2022-08-31 15:36:00

As noted ealier, WWE has added another Undertaker One Man Show for Philadelphia. is told you can expect a lot of future similar events and that the company has been working to come up with additional ways to utilize The Undertaker going forward post-retirement.  We are told that out of all of the personalities that have moved on from a full-time career who remain a big part of the company's licensing and marketing as a character, Undertaker is far above and beyond everyone else when it comes to engagement and popularity at this point in time, so they are continuing to develop additional ideas to tap into and play off that evergreen love for the Undertaker persona.  I'm still waiting for an Undertaker dark ride in a theme park.

The WWE crew left for Wales yesterday for the Clash at the Castle PPV so they can take part in promotional and community outreach events leading to the PPV on Saturday.

Due to the travel required for the Wales event, several of the WWE NXT backstage segments last night were pre-taped.

Booker T noted on his podcast that he won't be in attendance live at the event.  I believe the Kickoff Show will emanate from WWE's broadcast headquarters in Stamford, CT.

ABC's Celebrity Family Feud featuring Rey Mysterio and The Miz's families each playing for charity garnered 4,562,000 million overnight viewers on 8/28.  The show had a 0.45 in the 18-49 demo.


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