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By Mike Johnson on 2022-09-01 10:00:00

Dave always argues storyline is more important the actual matches.  What says you?

I think the more die-hard of a fan you are, the actual in-ring wrestling means the most to you and you care the most about who's a good worker in the ring and things of that nature.  However, I can tell you that the average fan who watches WWE right now, they certainly care more about the spectacle and the characters and the storylines than the actual in-ring bell to bell moves and action.  I love great wrestling matches but the reality is, in 2022, great in-ring wrestling isn't what's going to drive the largest amount of tickets and ratings - it's going to be priming people for a great moment, which comes from stories and characters leading into that event, not the bumps that take place when the bell rings. 

Can you provide any explanation for how Malakai Black has been used in AEW?  He started out hot when he came in with a big Cody program and then, well, he's been there and now he's losing to Alex Reynolds with a silly rollup distraction finish?  Wasn't AEW supposed to be where the discarded WWE guys and girls were used better?  Is he injured?  Is his deal up?  Any insight?

I don't think you can explain away any of the booking involving Black other than it was what AEW decided to do in the moment and long-term, it hasn't shined a bright light on him since the earliest era of his AEW run.  I would hope that the loss to The Dark Order last week spurs on a moment where House of Black does something truly EVIL to Miro/Sting/Darby Allin at All Out and then they can just have a crazy out of control feud.  To me, Black should be presented as the modern day equivalent of Kevin Sullivan in Florida, but if they aren't going to go full out evil with him, it's never going to work since the babyface won't get the big rub of a hard-fought victory.  I'd have him shockingly beat Sting clean and go from there.  I haven't heard anything about an injury and Tony Khan has stated he's under a long-term deal, so I would hope the booking for him and the group becomes stronger so they mean something greater to AEW overall.   You can't push everyone at once but I'd agree Black's storylines can and should be stronger if they want him to be a drawing heel.  He's not one because he hasn't been put into the position to be one.  

If you could suggest an underrated 1980s wrestling TV series I should track down, what is it?

I always loved the old Joe Pedicino Pro Wrestling This Week series but if you are seeking a weekly in-ring product, track down Continental Wrestling in Alabama from 1988 when Eddie Gilbert was booking.  That was really fun and a great example of making the most out of the least.  I don't know where you can track them down offhand but happy hunting.

With the name changes, could we see the return of BIG E LANGSTON?

Anything can happen, but I think I speak for everyone here when I say that I don't care what they call him as long as he can safely return to the ring, because that guy is beloved and a great representative for everyone in WWE and pro wrestling in general.

Is Bobby Roode still with WWE?


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