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By Mike Johnson on 2022-08-25 13:05:00

We have some more details on yesterday's talent meeting.

Tony Khan opened the meeting discussing the new Vice Presidents and talent relations and development, and how everything would work and flow going forward under that new system.  He was very much animated in talking about how the wrestling business has always been dominated by WWE and how AEW was founded to give fans an alternative.  The fact that there's been some lines tossed from WWE circles towards AEW contracted talents, for obvious reasons, was not something AEW was happy about, leading to him telling the crew that Megha Parekh had emailed WWE's Co-Presidents Nick Khan and Stephanie McMahon to warn them to not tamper with talents.

VP Pat Buck spoke about how the talents would need to respect the Coaches and the way things are structured now as opposed to going to Khan for everything.  He spoke about how talents can properly pitch ideas going forward and some other things of that nature.  

Tony Schiavone went into his past experience and time with WCW to give a fuller idea of why he's now in his position to help everyone.  We are told Schiavone came off extremely well like an "Uncle who wanted all the kids in his family to succeed." 

Chris Jericho gave what we are told amounted to a speech to rally the troops and give his own personal thoughts on getting AEW this far.

The Young Bucks, specifically Matt Jackson, stated that they were all available to help anyone who wanted it and that they were easy to find and to come to them if anyone needed anything.

At this point, Kenny Omega spoke and was the harshest towards the locker room in what we are told by some came off as "tough love" and by others as really "heavy-handed."    Some saw this as Omega trying to light a fire under the roster and others felt differently.  After Omega finished speaking, Megha Parekh spoke on what was described to PWInsider on some "legal" related things.  

Tony Khan then finished up and got very fired up again about the company and what he's put into it.

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