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By Kendall Jenkins on 2022-08-18 11:54:00

Wrestling is not a professional sport. It is a show for fans of spectacle. Even Wikipedia says that it is a theatrical sports performance that depicts martial arts, athletic skills, martial arts, and dramatic prowess. When you watch wrestling, you can not leave the feeling of a real fight. Still, it is worth looking closely or slowing down the video, where you can immediately see the feigned moments: there are grapples, but they are not completed with severe injuries, and often there are none at all; blows - imitation. But don't think it's all so good. Any mistake by a wrestler can result in the death of his opponent. 

Wrestling is a substantial business Salaries in wrestling are much more impressive than in professional boxing. Famous fighters earn millions of dollars for just one bout. The winner is often decided in advance, and it's decided based on fan polls, predictions, storylines, and games like the lucky 7 game. Why is it so popular? Let's face it; everyone loves spectacle. Take any action movie: as practice and box office statistics show, the one with more effects and explosions is a success, and no one thinks much about the storyline. So it is with this sport. Americans believe in this hoax and rejoice like children who have seen a beautiful toy.

WWE Wrestling. History and Legends

Wrestling in our time is commonly referred to as theatrically staged wrestling; in each match, the name of the winner is predetermined. After wrestling began to gain popularity worldwide, especially in the United States, Mexico, and Japan, many organizations held wrestling shows were created. Such organizations came to be called "promotions," and the largest and most popular among them was WWE - World Wrestling Entertainment from the United States.

With its rich history, WWE Wrestling has experienced both periods of prosperity and times of oblivion. However, if you dive into the account, you can learn a lot of interesting facts about this most popular wrestling and show mix.

Wrestling began in January of 1936 when the NWA title fight between heavyweights Lou Thez and Buddy Rogers took place in Toronto. Lou Tez won that bout, but not everyone recognized his victory. Vince McMahon Sr. and Raymond Mondt, the promoters of one of the NWA chapters, not only did not recognize Tez as the new champion, but they left the organization, forming the World Wide Wrestling Federation and declared Buddy Rogers their champion.

In the late seventies, the WWWF has renamed the World Wrestling Federation (WWF). This period becomes the prerequisite for the beginning of the Golden Era of WWE Wrestling. Wrestling champions such as Iron Sheik and Hulk Hogan, who later became famous Hollywood actors, became widely popular.

In the eighty-fifth year, WWE Wrestling acquired a new format for its show, called WrestleMania. From this point on, wrestling is increasingly talked about as a previously unseen show - sports entertainment. During this period, several wrestlers appeared, who later became iconic fighters. 

In '93, a massive scandal erupted around the World Wrestling Federation - Hulk Hogan was forced to leave the federation because of his use of illegal steroids. Because of this, Vince McMahon formally resigned as president of the WWF, and the league is headed by his wife, Linda. At that time, Casketman Diesel, Shawn Michaels, and Bret Hart became the WWF's leading stars. Randy Savage and the "punctured" Hulk Hogan moved on to another wrestling federation, WCW, where they organized with Scott Hall and Kevin Nash a grouping called "New World Order ."A fierce rivalry between the two wrestling federations began, dubbed by journalists "Monday Night War" - the shows "Monday Night RAW" and "Monday Nitro," organized by these federations, fought for the right to appear in prime time on American national television almost every Monday. The golden era of WWF ends after the "Montreal debacle," and the Attitude era is upon us.

During this period, the WWF lost a lawsuit to an organization called the World Wildlife Fund and was renamed World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE). The rules of WWE wrestling become more arduous, and the fights themselves become more dramatic. As a result, the viewer begins to empathize with such notable fighters of the time as Steve Austin and Vince McMahon. Their first one-on-one fight beats the WCW show for the first time in a long time. Soon WWE wrestling became so popular that it completely overshadowed its competitor, and WCW was forced to declare bankruptcy.

These days, WWE wrestling has become a world-class show and continues to bring its owners vast amounts of money. The names of such fighters as CM Punk, John Cena, Triple H, and The Rock are known far beyond the United States, and their fights are watched with pleasure by viewers worldwide.

Wrestling and MMA, WWE, and UFC are eternal confrontations between the two clans, arguing about what is a real sport. So we decided to give you seven hard facts that wrestling is more excellent than MMA!

Attendance at the show

Every year, during its main show, "WrestleMania," WWE draws full soccer stadiums, so for the past eight years, the show's audience has always been over 70,000 thousand people. The all-time attendance record for "WrestleMania" was set last century at 93,173 spectators. In addition, the " SummerSlam " exhibition was worth mentioning in 1992 in London, bringing together 80,355 spectators at Wembley Stadium.

In MMA, the most popular live shows also took place in Japan. The first place in the list of the most attended shows is occupied by the events organized by the "Pride" promotion. They set the absolute record in 2002, gathering 71. 000 people.

The biggest show in the history of the best current MMA promotion took place in 2011. The UFC drew as many as 55,724 mixed martial arts fans under the roof of Toronto Hall. Last year, the most popular pay-per-view from the UFC was the Werdum vs. Hunt, which drew 21,000 fans in Mexico. By the way, AAA AAA Mexican wrestling promotion Triplemania XXII had the same 21.000 attendance and room as the UFC. 


Unlike wrestling, mixed martial arts is monotonous. They only have a ring or a cage and a couple of different weight classes. On the other hand, wrestling can be completely different: regular matches in the ring, cage matches, fights in the street, fights with stretchers or ambulances!

Only in wrestling can there be multi-sided fights against three, four, or even eight opponents simultaneously. The apotheosis of this is the battle called "battle royale," in which thirty of the best wrestlers of the company!

Only in wrestling, in the ring, can meet a 200-kilogram giant and a 1.5-meter kid. Only in wrestling can you see a mixture of all styles, and it won't end in two minutes. Only in wrestling can a man climb out from under the ring or get dragged into it. 

Only in wrestling are there matches involving various objects and sometimes entire structures. Tables, ladders, chairs, steps, monitors, sledgehammers, and more can be used in a fight. And indeed, only in wrestling can a person jump from a 10-foot tower or the top of a cage!

Regular TV Show

Only the biggest wrestling company, WWE, currently has several TV shows:

  • A 3-hour show, "Monday Night Raw," airs on Mondays, with an average audience of 3.5 million viewers each week.

  • The 2-hour show "SmackDown!" airs on Thursdays, with an average audience of 2.5 million viewers each week.

  • The hour-long reality show "Total Divas" averages 1.2 million viewers. The program airs on "E!" and highlights the behind-the-scenes life of WWE. 

In addition to WWE, companies such as TNA and their show "Impact Wrestling" with a million viewers have TV slots. Also, promotions in countries such as Mexico and Japan have their own TV time, but it is almost impossible to calculate the exact number of viewers for them.

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