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By Kendall Jenkins on 2022-08-17 11:18:00

How many times have you been trying to implement a workout routine into your life? Probably, not once. It doesn’t matter whether you were lucky or not, starting it all over again while going through a divorce is a great idea. Besides the positive effects it can have on your looks, working out helps to reduce stress, anxiety, increase your self-esteem, and find new people to join your social circle. If you’re looking for gym motivation after breakup, check the following workout types you can start doing and what they can do to your body. 

Strength training

This is the best way to get over heartbreak for sure: lifting weights and hitting your personal records quickly grabs your attention and makes you forget about your ex. Striving for perfection, developing a good technique for doing those squats and lunges is not only fascinating but also very beneficial in building the body of your dream. Also, it makes you pretty disciplined: the need to work out at least three times a week in the gym you need to drive to doesn’t leave room for excuses or being lazy during the workout. 

The benefits of strength training include becoming more self-confident and comfortable in your body, resistant to injuries in daily life, and durable when it comes to physical activities like hiking, climbing the mountains, playing Twister and similar games, etc. 


Another type of husband-and-wife workout you’ll love regardless of being married or divorced is Highly Intensive Interval Training. This type of workout combines the intensity of cardio exercises (e.g., burpees, snatches, etc.) with strength exercises (weight-lifting). Most of the time, they are performed in either circuits or supersets with a minimal time of rest in between. The circuit is the set of five to seven exercises performed one after the other with no rest. The rest is taken only between circuits. In the case of supersets, only two exercises on antagonist muscle groups are performed together and then you can rest. 

HIIT workouts can be done with your body weight, lightweight dumbbells and fitness bands, or even bigger weights. The last option is usually used by people who work out on an expert level and are used to extensive overload. 

The benefit to HIIT during divorce is its comprehensive approach to the improvement of your body and mind connection. It can help you in stressful occasions like the need to contact your ex during the delivery of divorce papers, making payments comprising the average cost of divorce in Pennsylvania, or attending court hearings. 


Another great type of workout that can reveal your physical potential and boost your mind to cope with the divorce faster is Barre training. It consists of movements of ballet, pilates, yoga, and strength exercises. All of them are combined into a workout system that allows you to hit those muscles you can’t get to while training for hypertrophy in the gym. Thus, your body becomes even stronger and leaner without gaining muscles as you do if you just lift dumbbells and a barbell. 


The opposite to HIIT, LISS training implies that you train your cardio system by longer periods of exercising at a low pace. Here, you won’t hit multiple muscle groups and build strength and power. Instead, you will develop your overall endurance and the ability to run for a longer time. The other benefits include heart disease prevention and increasing your overall quality of life. 

Low-intensity training still burns calories and helps you to lose fat. It can serve as a great workout for your rest days after the days of the heavy lifting in the gym as well. Finally, if you’ve never trained before and decided to start it during a divorce, this kind of workout will fit the best: it won’t leave you sore and exhausted. 


Who hasn't heard about yoga yet? We bet you’ve seen lots of videos on YouTube or maybe even tried attending a few classes. While being a way of building the connection between your mind and body, now yoga is a type of activity that almost everyone will love. There are fly-yoga, strength yoga called “hatha yoga”, ashtanga yoga, and so on. All of them can make you more mindful, less stressed-out and anxious, teach you to listen to your body, and help it become stronger and flexible. 


The last but not least important to mention is any form of cardio training for making your body move. Be it jogging in the morning, hitting the treadmill in a gym, or riding a bike on the regular basis, it helps you become more durable, boosts your heart to work better, and engages a lot of your muscles to finish certain distances. It can help you lose fat if you lack physical activity during the day and bring you energy for the hours following after exercising. 

However, you have to keep in mind that fast running isn’t advisable to people with obesity or knee traumas since it implies a lot of pressure on your joints. What you need to remember about is that any type of workout you start should improve your body, not harm your health. Thus, if you have any issues with it, consider getting a fitness consultation and working out under the professional’s control. 

As you can see, only those six types of workout mentioned above can change your life and help you get over a divorce easier. Yet keep in mind that the list is not limited to the activities described above. If things like dancing, swimming, stretching, or boxing make you happy, make sure to start doing them.

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