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By Cory Strode on 2022-08-17 20:02:00

It is Wednesday and AEW Dynamite is in Charleston, West Virginia at the Charleston Coliseum. Our commentary team is JIm Ross, Excalibur, Tony Schiavone, and Taz.

We start with CM Punk, and he’s got something to say.

He says he hasn’t been here for a while, and he is challenging Adam Page for a rematch right here, right now. Page does not come out and he says it’s not Cowboy sh!t it’s coward sh!t. Punk then says he is owed an apology. He says that while Moxely has a lot of fans and he is number one in their heart, but he’s not number one in this ring. He is the guy who always has Moxley’s number and he’s the third best guy in his own group, which is a theme in his career.

He then talks about how Moxley talks about breaking bones, but he’s the only one who’s broken bones. He then says that Eddie Kingson is the 3rd best Eddie and the 2nd best Kingston he’s shared a locker room with.


He keeps ending each statement with “Tell me when I’m telling lies.”

He is challenging Moxley at All Out. 

This is when Jon Moxley comes out, and PUnk says he has time for Mox to get to the ring and he is going to do snow angles.

When Mox does get to the ring, he mocks Punki and says he’s dropping pipe bombs. He’s writing checks with his mouth his body can’t cash. Mox says Punk isn’t  even the best wrestler in catering. Mox says Punk’s belt and his belt don’t mean sh!t until they fight. 

Mox says that Punk ran out of fighting spirit a long time ago, and tells him to prove him wrong. 

Punk says he’s scared if he touches him now, he’ll just bleed all over him. They start with going face to face, then slaps and then they go after each other and security floods the ring to tear them apart.

Great pull apart with both men trying to get at each other in different ways. 

In the back, Tony Schiavone asks Powerhouse Hobbs why he attacked Ricky Starks. He says that Ricky said he is OK with losing, and he hid behind Hobbs. He says he breaks backs and he has something for QT Marshall and The Factory too.

Bryan Danielson vs Daniel Garcia Two out of three falls

Ricky “The Dragon” Steamboat is the timekeeper and Chris Jericho joins commentary.

Bryan is able to bring Garcia down and land a series of blows. They trade leg bars and grapple into the recipes for a break. They lock up into the corner with a collar and elbow tie up. They break and we go picture in picture.

When they return to full screen, Bryan is beating the crap out of Garcia in the corner with kicks, chops and a flying drop kick. Brain takes Garcia down from the top, but Garcia reverses it for a two count. They run the corners and Garcia locks in an arm bar and Bryan works his way out into a suplex for a two count. Bryan keeps him down with blows and then an overhook shoulder stretch.

Garcia gets a rope break and rolls to the outside. Brain gets a drop kick, and Garcia is able to recover and suplex Brain on the floor. Brain rolls into the ring with Garcia following and then hitting the hammer and anvil striked. Garcia tries to get a sharpshooter, but Bryan is able to reverse it into the triangle choke. Garica turns it into a pile driver and a dragon sleeper. Bryan goes out and the ref calls the first win.

Winner first fall: Daniel Garcia

The ref starts counting and Bryan is up at 8 and Garcia rushing in to attack with a series of kicks. Bryan is on the mat and Garcia pulls him up to stand in the corner and then attacks with chops and strikes and we go to commercial.

When we return to full screen, Garcia is stomping a prone Brian. We see that Garcia pile drove Bryan on the bare concrete during the break. Garcia puts on a dragon sleeper. He breaks it for more hammer and anvil strikes and then puts it back on. Bryan is able to pull him over and holds him down for the three count.

Second Fall Winner: Bryan Danielson

Bryan is busted open, and Garcia attacks Bryan with blows. They break apart and Garcia runs at Bryan in the corner, and Bryan gets out of the way and gets tied up in the ropes. Bryan is able to attack and he gets the hammer and anvil strikes in the corner. Bryan hits a German suplex from the top and Bryan then hits a missile drop kick, knocking Garcia across the ring. Bryan hits a tope into Garcia, and then starts kicking him on the floor.  

Bryan then pulls him into the ring post repeatedly. Garcia is able to reverse it and pulls Bryan into the ring post and returns to the ring as Bryan is on the floor. The ref starts to count Bryan, who makes it into the ring on the 9 and we go picture in picture.

When we return to full screen, Garcia has Bryan in the dragon tamer. Bryan is able to work out of it and he locks on the Lebell lock, but Garcia is able to roll through and pin Bryan for a two count. Garcia gets a flying knee strike and a two count. They lock on a greco roman knuckle lock and give each other head butts and work their way to their feet. They keep the lock ona dn fire elbows at each other. Bryan is able to finally bring him down and keeps the blows coming. Bryan tries to stomp Garcia’s head in and Garcia reverses it and gets the stomps.

Bryan is able to reverse it and attacks with head butts and then stomps. Bryan puts on the triangle sleeper and nails Garcia with elbows. Garcia picks up Bryan and tries for a piledriver, but they go back to the mat and Bryan tries to work in the Lebell lock. Bryan gets in a series of elbows, and then locks on the Lebell lock again and Garcia goes out.

Third fall and overall winner: Bryan Danielson.

Bryan applauds Garcia and when Garcia gets up, Bryan calls for the crowd to cheer him. Bryan holds out a hand for a handshake. Before Garcia can shake Bryahn’s hand, Jericho attacks Bryan from behind. Garcia pulls Jericho off of Bryan and they have words. Garcia slaps Jericho’s hand away as Jericho is lecturing him. Jericho leaves the ring and the crowd chants “You’re a wrestler.”

In the back, Tony Schiavone has Swerve in Our Glory and Private Party. Private Party says they are now ranked, they are ranked number 5. They have words, and I liked that Keith Lee offered Private Party a stick of gum after they got up in his face.

Tony Nese vs….

Well, we are NOT going to find out because Jon Moxley attacks him from behind and he grabs a mic and says let’s do it right now!

Punk goes out followed by security and they are pulled apart again. Claudio comes to the ring to pull Mox away.

Mox takes off through the crowd.

In the back Tony is with Jericho, Angelo Parker and Matt Menard.  Jericho says he is giving Garcia a pass tonight, and he needs to to talk to Garcia in the ring to see who’s side is he on. Steamboat says that Danielson is a better choice to mentor Garcia. Matt Menard gets in Steamboat's face and Steamboat drops him with a strike.

Varsity Blondes vs The Gunn Club

Griff Garrison gets his ass beat and Colton hits that Colt 45 and pins Griff.  

Winners: Gunn Club

 Billy says he is proud of them for showing their fire and they hug.  Stokely Hathaway comes out and the Gunn Club take Billy down.

The Acclaimed run to the ring and drive off the Gunn Club. The Acclaimed call for Billy Gunn to scissor them and the crowd cheers.

We get a video recap of Jay Lethal, Sonjay Dutt, and Satnam Singh.

Death Triangle is back and Pac throws out a challenge to Will Ospreay. 

Jungle Boy is out to talk to the crowd. He says he has been after Christian Cage for weeks and Cage has done nothing. He says he can keep chasing Cage until he gets his hands on him, or Cage can man up and face him at All Out. Cage’s music starts up. 

Cage says his answer is no. He says things are getting out of hand. Cage says believe it or not, he’s proud of him and how much he’s improved after the last year. Cage then gets in the ring and he says he was frustrated when they lost the tag team title and both said things they didn’t mean. Cage says he doesn’t want to fight, he wants to fix things.

The crowd does not believe him, but Cage says they haven’t accomplished anything in their lives. At the end of the day, Cage says they are family and he loves him and he should come back home. Cage holds out his arms for a hug, and JB drops him and takes him to ground and pound city. Cage is able to escape and on the outside, gets him with a low kick.  JB is able to grab Cage and slams his head into the steel steps. He then stomps on Cage’s arm on the steel steps and goes back to slamming his head into the steel steps.

In the back, FTR and Wardlow challenge Lethal’s team and call themselves The PInnacle. 

KiLynn King vs Toni Storm

They lock up and King tosses Storm to the mat. She rolls up Storm for a two count. Storm gets a pin for a two count and then gets a headlock as they get to their feet. King reverses the headlock and takes Storm down. They run the ropes with Storm ending it with a drop kick on King. They fight to the ropes and King leaps off the top with a kick onto Storm.

They fight on the floor and King drives Storm into the ring and then into the barricade as we go picture in picture.

When they return to full screen, Storm is pummeling King with forearms and then hits a fisherman’s suplex for a two count. King is able to get a kick and then hits a spinebuster for a two count. King goes for a pump handle and Storm reverses it and hits a German Suplex into the corner. Storm hits the hip attack, a swinging DDT and a pendulum DDT for the pin and the three count.

Winner: Toni Storm

We get a rundown of the matches on Rampage and then a rundown of matches for next week’s Dynamite.

Rush, Dragon Lee, and Andrade El Idolo vs The Young Bucks and the returning Kenny Omega in the Trios Tournament

Don Callis joins commentary. Kenny is wearing a shoulder brace and compression shirt.

  • Dragon Lee starts off with NIck and they shake hands. They run the ropes and Nick is able to his an escalera.

  • Andrade and Matt come in and Andrade is taken down.

  • Kenny is tagged in with Dragon Lee and he hits a stomp from over the top rope

  • Kenny beats down Lee in the corner. 

  • Kenny goes for the rolling flip and leap spot but can’t hit the leap. 

  • Matt tags in and they keep Lee down with a gut buster a double team twisting neck breaker

  • Kenny tags back in and they keep Lee in their corner

  • Lee is able to break free and tags in Andrade

  • Jose gets on the apron and while the ref is distracted, Rush attacks Keep and we go picture in picture.

  • When they return to full screen, Nick tags in and cleans house

  • Nick tags in and gets his Northern Light Suplex series.

  • Triple Suplex Spot with the Bucks and Omega winning that struggle

  • The tag siren sounds and all six men are fighting in the ring.

  • Andrade’s team triple teams Matt and we go picture in picture again

  • When we return to full screen, Rush is beating up Matt in the corner.

  • Matt is able to tag Kenny who gets his turn to clean house

  • Matt is tagged back in and the tag siren goes off again and all six men are in the ring. 

  • Lee gets the triple team moves from the Bucks and Kenny

  • Three man super kick on Lee and Andrade breaks up the pin.

  • The Bucks hit topes and Kenny hits the Terminator tope, but Lee sweeps his leg.

  • Kenny is able to dodge Lee’s charge and Kenny can’t run for the Terminator tope.

  • Jose sweeps Kenny’s leg and he’s tossed to the outside.

  • Kenny is set on the top of the barricade and Lee hits a tope into him.

  • Kenny is tossed into the ring and Andrade hits a leap from the top for a two count

  • Andrade covers Kenny, and Matt pushes Rush into Andrade to break up the two

  • Lee tags in and Kenny hits a knee and then the V Trigger

  • Kenny goes for the ONe Winged Angel but struggles to get it hooked.

  • He is able to hit the move and covers for the three count.

Winners and moving on the Trio Tournament: The Young Bucks and Kenny Omega

After the match, Andrade attacks Dragon Lee and we’re desperately out of time!

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