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By Mike Johnson on 2022-08-12 12:43:00

MLW'S scheduled TV taping on 8/27 in El Paso, Texas has been canceled, has learned.  The show will go forward as a house show.

MLW's Jared St. Laurent issued an email to talents no longer being brought in, informing them of the taping cancellation so that they could attempt to pick up other bookings for that date, stating that the "lucha promoter" would not be bringing in as many MLW talents as originally "promised" so the scheduled taping at Austin High School was being scrapped. 

St. Laurent also informed the talents that were pulled from the show that they would receive half pay for the canceled booking "as a token of our appreciation as I know it's been very frustrating having the schedule change this summer while we continue to finalize the new TV deal." is told that MLW Champion Alexander Hammerstone, Jacob Fatu and others will still be appearing on 8/27.  There is no word whether MLW will film the house show for future usage.

MLW has content filmed in NYC waiting to be used when the promotion starts its next "season" in the fall and is scheduled to run 9/18 in Atlanta, GA for an event that has been envisioned as a live broadcast, should the right deal be made by then.

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