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By Adam Cardoza on 2022-08-06 02:47:00

Scenic City Invitational Night 1

8/5/22 - Chattanooga, TN

Streaming on

A major staple of the Southeast indie scene, the yearly SCI Tournament weekend gathers a who’s who of independent wrestling talent to go to war with each other! This opening round is absolutely stacked, the only change coming today with Trish Adora having to step down due to travel issues but luckily there was a handy nearby Manders to join the fray. Dylan Hales & Jumpin’ Johnny Moseley are on commentary. Scott Hensley is your master of ceremonies! Let’s gooooo!

Match 1: “Any Style” Adam Priest vs “Wildheart” Cole Radrick

Priest offering handshakes but it’s just a handshake. WHY YOU GOTTA BE WIERD ADAM? Cool boot to the head makes Cole revaluate his situation. Radrick with the reversals and sends Priest to the ropes. Priest arm dragged and needs to take a walk…takes a moment to kick a trash can gently. Priest tweaks the ear and maybe lands a closed fist. Cole firing up with some wild punches. Fight spills into the bleachers! Cole rams him into the post! Priest uses the ref for cover to land a cheap shot. Big saito for two. Raddy turning this into a brawl but Priest snaps him down into a figure four. Radrick out and trying to fire it up! Diving hart elbow drop! Priest with a chop block to the injured knee of Radrick. Radrick tries to hook the leg and finish this but Priest reverses to that ddt of his and advances to the next round!

Winner: Adam Priest

Match 2: Orion Bishop vs Hoodfoot 

Hoodfoot just wants a fight out of Bishop. They trade shoulder blocks and Hoodfoot clotheslines him right out of the ring. Hoodfoot with a chop against the post but comes charging and posts himself. Bishop jacks the arm on the top rope, big collision of these big men. Hoodfoot with a back suplex and collides Bishop’s head with the buckles ow. Hoodfoot wants a pumphandle? Nah. Bishop throwing hands and a huge belly to belly toss. Hoodfoot is also nursing an injury in his shoulder and Bishop is trying to target it. Dragon suplex…Hoodfoot right up with a German! They come staggering in to each other, trading headbutts. Double clothesline, double down. Hoodfoot with an exhausted saito in the center but Orion won’t stay down. Hoodfoot with a cannonball! Orion with a spear! Hoodfoot gets a shoulder up…just AFTER the 3! This feels like an upset and that finish was questionable.

Winner: Orion Bishop

Match 3: Eli Knight (w/ Nick J Holiday) vs Myron Reed 

This goes right to the floor! Knight with a moonsault to the floor. High cross body for a close two! Myron back with a fast big boot! Myron played fast with the flips but Eli kicks him right in the face. Knight was the first entrant invited into the SCI so he has a lot to prove tonight. Myron starting to find his footing and getting to speed. Legdrop spikes Eli to the apron. Knight runs up the ropes, and jumps to rana Reed off the top. Wild. Moonsault whiffs but he keeps Reed at bay and blasts a German for two. Reed with a back hook kick and sends Eli to the floor. Dive over the corner post! Eli blocks a cutter, moonsault press connects! Eli comes down with another moonsault but Reed is able to hit a cutter from a seated position for the three. 

Winner: Myron Reed

Match 4: “The Mat Scientist” Damyan Tangra vs “The Wrestling Genius” Daniel Makabe

Tangra is out here dressed like Mortal Kombat’s Scorpion. Makabe was the 2019 winner and finalist in 2021, he has a huge pedigree in this tournament as well as a previous win over Tangra. They great right to the graps, lock up the legs and switch leverage for several pin attempts. Makabe with a triangle and tries to grind in the fist but Tangra up and over to escape. Tangra kicks out the legs! Fujiwara armbar! Bulgarian gutbuster! Tangra going for a DVD? Makabe reverses to a seated octopus! Makabe with an armbar and leverages to a pin for two. Tangra with a sleeper, reversals through tombstone attempts until Makabe eats the buckles. Makabe goes for his fastball punch but Damyan blasts a head kick. Damyam with a deep STF, Makabe to the rope. Makabe catches Tangra in the corner and blasts his knees into the mat! Cattle mutilation doesn’t do it. Neither can a tombstone. Tangra has grown so much since their last encounter. Makabe favoring his knee hard. Tangra with a flurry of kicks! Makabe catches a kick and hits the fastball. Tangra falls into a triangle hold….but transitions to a STF! He’s pounding on Daniel’s hands! Tangra eating downward elbows! He grabs Makabe and pulls him over into a victory roll and gets the win! OMG!!!

Winner: Damyan Tangra

Match 5: Kevin Ku vs Dominic Garrini

VIOLENCE IS FOREVER COLLIDES. There are so many belts in the ring right now they need a small wagon to get them all out there for the match to start. Obviously, these two guys know each other well and go to the mat, this is more Dom’s kingdom and he sends Kunto the ropes. Trading in the standup, they are just hammering each other, Ku staggering Dom….until the Bone Collector snags a uranage backbreaker.  Leg snap into the neck of Ku. They may be partners but Dom is going all out to win here. Dom throwing heavy kicks and Ku is starting to show the wear of his past week or so. Big Pk for two. Ku starting to fire up on these hands and kicks. He kicks Dom to the corner…choochoo clotheslines! Tiger suplex! Back to their feet, throwing their all into these chops and forearms. Dom scoops him…jumping tombstone! Ku barely makes the kick out! Ku dodges a piledriver and hits the small package driver! Dom kicks out! Ku fighting for a crab…Dom rolls free…Ku reverses to a sleeper. Tries a PK but Dom catches it! Powerbomb to a crab to a Gargano escape?!? Ku will not die and he is up and mad. Regal plex! Ku hits a second small package driver to get the W!!!

Winner: Kevin Ku

Match 6: Ashton Starr vs “Number One” Jaden Newman

Newman is less than 24 hours removed from a main event war with Manders. Starr hangs with Jaden’s ground game and gives him a taunting wave from the corner. Jaden quickly tries for the hangman’s clutch but it’s too soon. Trading positions over a wristlock, Starr goes for a sharpshooter but Newman’s out and applauds. Starr comes running…tilt a whirl backbreaker! Starr takes umbrage and gives Jaden his stolen move back. Northern lights into the buckles! Jaden kicks out! Starr with a surfboard stretch but can’t hold it. Starr dodges the meteora but eats a German. Slingshot flatliner from Newman! Newman tries the meteora again but Starr wraps up the Starrshooter! Jaden picks the leg out and wraps up the hangman’s clutch for the win!

Winner: Jaden Newman

Match 7: Masha Slamovich vs 1 Called Manders

Masha comes flying in at the bell but the cowboy just levels her with a clothesline. This is going to be a much different fight that she would have gotten from Trish Adora. Manders throws Masha into the steel chairs! He blasts her over the back. The ref is letting this go so YOLO, y’all. Masha rakes the eyes and rams Manders’ shoulder into the post and blasts him back with the chair. Screw it, let’s load the ring with chairs. Masha kicking Manders’ chest in. Manders reverses, big back elbow and chops Masha raw. Back suplex and Manders tries for the pin over and over. Manders up on the buckle…Masha bombs him through chairs! His back looks red as hell. Masha slaps him silly. Knee and a yakuza kick!  Back hook kick for two! She tries a piledriver but Manders is too big for that. Release power from Manders for two! Masha ducks a kick, Kawada kicks! Axe kick! Masha with a boot through a chair in the corner. Manders kicks out! Spine buster from Manders! Kick out! Oklahoma stampede…Masha slips it…saito through a chair! Manders lands so rough here but kicks out. Manders with a hard slap but Masha unloading forearms and kick after kick. Manders sabu’s her and blasts a huge lariat that sends himself to the floor! Masha kicks out! Manders steals more chairs, even one from a small child! We got a chair four square. Masha refuses to get powerslammed…she takes him off the top with a piledriver into the chairs which BARELY MOVE and Manders is limp for the three! Holy hell what a hard hitting war!

Winner: Masha Slamovich 

Main Event: Robert Martyr vs Billie Starkz

It’s the 2021 Action Futures Champion vs the 2022 Scenic City Rumble! It’s worth noting that these two clashing in the final stanza of both those previous events so this is a high stakes rubber match for them. Martyr is right in Billie’s face. He says he hates her and she clocks him with a spinning heel kick. Suicide dive to the outside, Martyr catches and posts her! Powerbomb to the apron! Martyr right into it with the crowd as he declares to the camera that he’s going all the way. Backbreaker out of the corner for two. Martyr is working the crowd great here as they are hating how he is mauling Starkz. Huge running clothesline, powerbomb for two! Billie raging back after a hard slap, Martyr staggering and eating a huge flurry. He grabs a handful of hair and blasts a lariat. Billie reverses position to a cross body, German for two! Huge German release!  Billie suicides out and sends him crashing into the chairs. Billie to the top….and misses a swanton into a chair! Omg she ded. Robert demanding ref shiny shoes get into the ring and count her out. Billie makes it back for nine but Martye is all over her. Brain buster! Top rope dive…Billie won’t die! Martyr is all intensity, He comes in…Billie electric chairs him and hits the Rubix Cube for the sudden win! What a win!!! This was REALLY good!

Winner: Billie Starkz

And that concludes Night 1 of the Scenic City Invitational! After the main event, Scott Hensley announces the 4 semi-final matchups for tomorrow, each vying for a spot in the 4-way Elimination Final! Those second round matches are:

Orion Bishop vs Adam Priest

Kevin Ku vs Damyan Tangra

Jaden Newman vs Myron Reed

Masha Slamovich vs Billie Starkz

But before that, at 2pm, we have the 2022 Action Future Tournament! Until then!


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